Neutrogena Make-up Remover Wipes - Inner Dilemma

Hey beauties - today I'm reviewing my go-to makeup remover wipes - Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes, makeup remover wipes
The Pros: Available at any drug store. Super moist and gets my makeup off really well. I've tried a few other brand wipes and tbh this one does the best job removing stubborn makeup the quickest. - Other ones I've tried, I really have to push to get everything off and it still doesn't completely work. 
The Cons: I truly wish this was an all natural product, without chemicals. I have a love/hate relationship with the concept. On one hand, it's the best makeup remover, on the other hand, I know wipes like these aren't great for your skin in the long run (wrinkles, chemicals, etc.), nor are they great for the environment.
With all that being said ...  I would recommend not using this product every single night. I usually only use it on makeup heavy nights, which sometimes turns out to be a big portion of the week, so I try removing my makeup in other ways (coconut oil for the eyes, washing with soap, and cleansing tonic).
Either way, after using it, it says you don't have to wash your face. But I would recommend washing your face or using an all natural cleansing tonic afterward to get all the chemicals off.
LMK your thoughts about wipes like these in the comments! Also, will be on the lookout for more natural wipes that are better for the environment. Give me a shout if you know of any that I can try and review! 
Love, P

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  • Jennifer Gray

    Very informative and helpful ty

  • nicole bowers

    Thanks for a great video, it was very detailed and informative!

  • Lorrie harris-brown

    I really would like to try these.i love the cute convience of wipes.we should always use something soft one the face.

  • Crystal Jones

    These makeup removers are one of my favorite makeup removal wipes. They always work super well and don't make my skin feel dry. I've never had any issues with them.

  • Angela Martin

    I love the convenience of make up removal wipes. They clean well without drying my skin. But I dislike that it's not a daily use product as they cause redness on my skin.

  • katherine wu

    I have mixed feelings red lipstick because it looks so good but at the same time I can never really find something to match it and it feels super bold!

  • Leslie Rodriguez

    those are the only one's that don't feel like they scratch my face

  • EllieKate Ricks

    It definitely helps in the summer months!

  • Mart Truelove

    I really like how Neutrogena makeup wipes does help remove a lot of my makeup off.

  • Tina rose

    I love using neutrogena makeup wipes

  • April

    I agree with it being a double edge sword of sorts. Cleansing wipes are convenient and do their job but in the long run aren't great for your skin or the environment. I have used quite a few different ones and find most of them work well. I have found the same outcome from extremely different price points , the $6.54 Simply brand and the $1 Bolero brand I found at The Dollar Tree. Both work great! If your going to use face wipes you have lots of options!

  • Shannon Grant

    I, myself, love Dermalogica’s Precleanse. It gets all of that eye makeup off without burning your eyes. It’s water-soluble. It’s like $45, but a dime size will do ya! It lasts forever!

  • Ariana Crenshaw

    These are my fav! They are the best I have found for my sensitive skin 💁‍♀️

  • Rachel

    These are the only drug store brand of makeup wipes I buy, they are fantastic even compared to the ones I previously bought, Tony Moly & Vichy, I couldn’t tell a difference, sobIb started buying Neutrogena full time & in bulk. I used to be into the no chemicals, no.harsh ingredients, all natural, until I turned 35 and got my first pro chemical peel, it took years off, so after having glycolic acid burn my face younger, certain products that aren’t all-natural don’t bother me as it once would.

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Yup I honestly love Neutrogena makeup wipes but THEN I got my sample of Byroe rice sorbet and now that is the only thing ill use to remove my "face". Great review though!

  • yona garlit

    One product I have very mixed feelings on is any self-tanner. I have tried several brands and some worked way better than others. However, then you have to deal with the smear or runs if it accidentally gets wet and some of the brands have actually made my skin feel gross after use. But I do love a healthy bronzed or tanned look.

  • Venessa

    I really enjoy these Neutrogena makeup removing wipes they smell good and they do a wonderful job of removing not so easy lip stains and what not.

  • Ja-Nee

    One product I have mixed feelings on is Farsali Blur Tune primer. I like it however I don't. I like to texture but I do not like how my skin looks if I use with makeup. It's just a different type of primer.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I agree. However, I prefer not using wipes because of this. I use Philosophy Purity. This gets EVERYTHING off and leaves my skin nice and clean. No more wipes for me

  • tia

    I use these wipes and like them!

  • Nicole Christine

    Thanks for your review! I have used these in the past and also liked these. I product I have mixed feelings on a stay away from is St Ives Exfoliating Washes. They always rubbed my face raw and I never felt very moisturized after using.

  • Naf

    I have used these and they work for me. I have mixed feelings about Retinol products because it can dry my skin but also makes it younger looking.

  • Ashley Hunt

    I have very mixed feelings about pore filling primers! Not necessarily one product but several! I've used several that contain silicone and I liked them, but it did seem like my pores would be larger after extended use! So I loved them because they fill your pores and make your foundation look seemless and hide any texture pretty well, and who doesn't want their foundation to look flawless?? Only after using them for several months straight, I did feel like my Pores looked slightly larger than before, and because it wasn't a drastic change and didn't just happen overnight or within a week's time I wasn't even noticing this at first! So obviously I want nothing to do with a product that will make my pores look even the tiniest bit larger, however they do make foundation look great!

  • Mae

    I used to use Neutrogena. Very good products. Another brand I used to love was Earth cosmetics, it’s a cruelty free brand. I’m not much of a fan of their cleansing oil. I liked it at first but other cleansing oils are much better than it. I just feel like their cleansing oil is too thick

  • Tia kitchens

    I would have to say that one product I loved so much when first purchased was too faced better than sex mascara (and please don’t come for me because I know this is a ride or die for some) but after a few uses I just don’t like it. It seemed like it was drying out super fast, it was clumpy on my lashes and I just do not care for it and I am so disappointed in that mascara. Did I get a bad tube? I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ it just didn’t work for me. Thoughts from others?

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