Neutrogena HYDRA Gel Overnight Mask

So, I have created a ritual on Friday evening to make sure my skin gets attention and to keep my butt at home. So, I stop at my Walgreen's store and get a face mask of some sort. Sometimes I preplanned it, some i just grab whatever and go. This week, it was Neutrogena Hydra Gel Overnight Mask. It came in a little cup, like a Keurig coffee pod, and I wondered how it would stay all night, if it's gel...


Turns out, the gel does this fantastic mold move, and conforms to your face and doesn't drip or move. Yeah, a little was found in the sheets and my pillow, but it didn't stain. Win.


And hydrates it does. For 2.50 plus get one half off, I'm loving it. My boyfriend even said he noticed how plump and healthy my skin looked. He usually makes fun of me and says I still look like me. Not this one though, win again.

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