Natural Vibes Lips

The final part of the Natural Vibes Series...the lips.

Yes y' really can be as simple as using

- Chapstick Hyrdo Coconut 

Y'all...this moisturizes my lips, and does not leave me feeling like I need to keep reapplying. Y'all know what I am talking about.  Those products that need continuous application because they do the opposite. 

This does me right.  It gives my lips a slight gloss, without the shine. Subtle, and perfect for natural.

I highly recommend Peach, and the Mint. 

They also have color tinted if you need a bit more pop.

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  • Sabrina

    Yes!! Lol! That lame chapstick that's gone in half an hour. This is not that. I have this same product, in kilt vanilla or something. I would prefer the mint, like you got. Very good video, the finished look is beautiful! And still in love with your shirt! 😍 💜