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Natural 'Interview Approved' Makeup Look w/ Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

Netural Look I did for an interview (I love nudes).

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade was a dicovery when I decided to buy it and try it one day. When I first started off I didn't know how to use it but over time I got the hang of it and figured, with myself at least, that it was better to apply with a angled brow brush and spoolie. This product is long lasting and stays all day. I have dark brows already so I used a black pomade. I haven't changed options of brow products much after that and the only other one I buy is a retractable pencil from my local beauty supply store. All you have to do is coat your angled brush a little, remove the excess by scraping lightly on the side of the jar, and making small brush strokes in the angle of your hairs (up and outward with your real hairs). If I want a sharper edge or darker look I slightly trace my eyebrows. Either way you do it always use the spoolie and brush it the same way to blend in. Then I use a small angled eyebrow brush and use concealer to clean up, also helping in sharpness of the eyebrow. And you guys pretty much know the rest! Eyes and contour/highlights.

Overall: Loved this product and will always buy! This stuff is GOLD!

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  • Susan Cain

    Thank you for such an in-depth and detailed review. Reviews are so essential in helping us form an opinion on whether or not we should try or pass on products🤗

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