Natural Deodorant WORKOUT TEST!

Hey guys it’s Vivian AKA VivaciouslyViv and today I am putting this natural deodorant to the test - the sweat test!
Mona Brands Natural Fragrance is said to have a natural way of absorbing moisture and eliminating odor using Zinc Oxide, Baking Soda or Arrowroot, depending on the formulation. 
This is the Rose scent which is all naturally fragranced and smells very refreshing! Even through a workout ☺️
🌹 Rosemary Oil and Shea Butter nourish the underarm skin - totally needed so thank you Mona!
PLUS there’s formulas for sensitive skin, too. I love that they’re making sure everyone’s taken care of and can find the best natural deodorant for their skin type.
✨ This surprised me by lasting through a workout! I would definitely recommend this product to a friend who is interested in trying all-natural deodorants.
Have you tried any all-natural deodorants yet? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences down in the comments ⬇️

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  • Melissa Griffith

    Glad to see someone spreading awareness about using a natural deodorant. My favorite natural deodorant is Native's vanilla scented natural deodorant. It is the best I have found and smells wonderful, and works well for me. I will definitely check this one out as well.

  • Dee

    Yes, I've tried natural deodorant before, & it worked for awhile, then half way thru the day I had reapply. Definitely looking for one that can hold all day.

  • Nicole Christine

    I'm looking for a all-natural deodorant! This is going on the list to try!

  • Caroline Taylor

    Would love to try this

  • Alejandra

    I did not try yet I will like to try

  • Amanda Lingle

    I have tried other natural ones that trust me dont last. They felt so sticky and greasy I hated them. I really want to try this..

  • Crystal Jones

    I love natural deodorant too!

  • Sara Smart

    I used unscented Schmidt's stick until last winter when I discovered Cedarwood & juniper - my absolute fave & Lavender & sage my second choice.If all natural I would be more than happy to try this product.Any & all that make a non animal tested, product containing item that is all natural & organic, safe for all to use & is moving business & personal choices in the right direction deserve a big hand! & a try & pass the word!

  • Stacy Labonte

    Haven't tried your deodorant but would love too!! My daily routine is i wake up and before i leave my room i put deodorant on.. i shower at night and put deodorant on when i get out...So i use twice a day..

  • Mercy

    I like this .Thanks for sharing .I totally want it now😀

  • Dreama

    Yes! I would definitely try this natural deodorant. Most deodorant have harsh chemicals in it and the smell just goes away soon as you sweat and I am a heavy sweater at times 😟 so I would definitely have to use this.

  • Sonika Raj

    I like natural deodorant too my absolute favorite is Tom's of maine. I prefer using products that have natural ingredients not chemicals. I want to stay away from harsh chemicals. I have not tried Mona brands natural Deodorant but will try next time sounds good.

  • Regina Stowers

    Seems like it would work well for you when you are working out doing all that sweating.

  • Paula Pyzia

    thanks for the info on this deoderant..i like it how a company thinks of all we women do to stay in shape.. my go to deoderants are imari by avon and secret.. either or works for me.

  • Shannon citrino

    moisturize! Love that they have formula for sensitive skin as well. I like natural deodorant but have come to realize that it sometimes needs to be applied more than once daily to work it's best. I like Native's lavender bar.

  • Yenifer Schalk

    I usually just use Tom's Maine Apricot deodorant and that helps!

  • Angela Lee

    Rose works well as a deodorant

  • Brittany Miranda

    I love everything rose scented. I use native natural deodorant. Love the smell it's vanilla and coconut.

  • Quarterlife Balance

    I love natural deodorant and I love going to the gym. The fact that this is rose scented and has shea butter is a total win, def want to try this! I had tried the arm and hammer natural deodorant and I surprisingly enjoyed it!

  • Charlisa

    I like using crystal natural salt rocks while I'm working out. They're extremely effective.

  • Brandy

    NicE!! I very grateful for this review! Not big on deodorant unless closer to/on my curse of the month. Im certain most deodorants (chemically derived) have a link to women's breast cancer amongst other serious things! So im going to be purchasing this stuff ASAC (as soon as i can!) Great review! ❤ on to todays giveaway i would say a good deodorant that keeps the stinky b.o. away while working out and giiiiiiiirl lemme tell u i aint working out in makeup! But if i did lollollollollol i would be rocking black eyeliner with a killee poppn prolly purple eyeshadow xoxoxox!!!

  • Nicole Prescott

    I like the idea of it neutralizes odors.

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