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Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette’s Warm Like the Morning Sun

Say hello to summer guys, here’s the Natasha Denona Sunrise palette! This palette is all super warm tones, so if you love warm shadows you will definitely love this!
Here’s the brand’s description of the palette:
Inspired by the warm glow of a morning sunrise, this impeccable palette contains Shades of warm sunny yellows, crimson corals, earthy browns and powerful pinks and fuchsias, all made to melt together in perfect harmony. 
The Sunrise palette is featuring 15 brand NEW shades including ND's iconic formulas packed with the highest quality ingredients to create buttery soft shades that blend seamlessly to achieve vibrant, ultra-pigmented, long lasting looks. 
The ICONIC Duo chromes, velvety mattes, and sparkling metallic textures will elevate your senses and empower you to create your very own radiant works of art.
🌅Matte eyeshadows
Apply with fluffy eyeshadow brushes to blend or detail brushes for precision.
🌅Metallic / Duo Chrome / Chroma Crystal eyeshadows
May be applied with different shapes of brushes for a subtle application.
For high pay off / foiled finish, apply with a damp eyeshadow brush or with the tip of your finger.
👀Formula wise, I am a bit sorry to report that I wasn’t that satisfied with some of the matte shades, since they are a bit hard to blend. But red hues tend to be harder to blend to begin with, so I guess you can kind of get away with that. The shimmers and duo chromes are still top notch and up to ND’s reputation.
Original Content: http://www.survivorpeach.com/blogs/2019/6/7/zw0zb7g6lqe9i7y3xfy8xzor418zdh

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