My Wonderful Organic Skin Reviews from PrismPop

Greenstone and Silhouette-This eye shadow was amazing. It came in a little round very cute wooden cup. It is made with pure minerals and extracts. What makes this eye shadow so magnificent is it's a cream with organic pomegranate and calendula supercritical extracts. It goes on so smooth I didn't even need a brush I could just use my fingers which seemed so strange being used to having a brush to put my eye shadow on with. You can mix and match these colors by putting one on the bottom of your eyes and the other on the top of your eyes which makes for a beautiful look at me I'm a sexy woman look.

Cheeky Lips Pod-Spice is a delicate color that I used on my lips as well as on my cheeks to give me that perfect glow. The great thing about the Cheek Lips Pod is it's a multi tasking cream. It comes in a small round pod that can be replaceable which makes it nice. You can carry any of these products with you in your purse so that way if you are in a rush you can get ready on the way. The no.1 thing about these products is for each one they sell it helps plant a tree which keeps the world a beautiful place.

Task Force Nine-This Calendula and Turmeric Cream has 9 ingredients including supercritical extracts that is for skin that needs a little extra TLC. This comes in a tube for you to squeeze out on your body leaving a very sensational calm smell. Your body will never look the same after using this cream. This was by far my most favorite test kit so far.

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