My Thoughts On My First Ever PrismPop Sample Bag!

In early December, I applied to try a free makeup sample bag from PrismPop! I took the opportunity and signed up. I got the email about 1 week ago, stating that it was on it's way, and I was so excited. Fast forward to January 9tth, 2020, as I have recieved it. 

For one, the packaging itself was cute. I loved the pink delivery package. That was my first time seeing one of that color! It made my day a lot. 

I opened the packaging to see a beautiful holographic bag from PrismPop with my products inside. The bag itself is AMAZING!! I will most likely use it to hold some of my makeup products, as well! 

I opened the bag to 2 serums, 2 creams, 1 toner,  1 lipscrub, and 1 facial wash tablet. 

πŸ… - Tomato Serum is supposed to reduce your imperfections and reduce any redness in your face! 

🐟 - Salmon Cream is one that is supposed to also reduce any imperfections and it hydrates the skin..

πŸ₯— - the Toner is supposed to do what any toner is but in a natural, healthy way! 

🌢 - Bell Pepper serum is supposed to make you glow and hydrate your skin

🍚 - Rice cleanser is supposed to rid of any toxins on your skin and to clean your face

🍷 - Pina Colada Sugar Lip Scrub is mainly an exfoliant for your lips and helps keep them soft, moisturized, and etc..

🧼 - The facial wash tablet is made with sandalwood, sunflower, and etc.. It's supposed to clean your face in the most natural way possible.


Personally, my favorite products were the Lip Scrub and the Bell Pepper Serum! 

First off, the tomato serum was very nice and cooled my skin but it seemed that it made my skin more red. It had a nice scent and I could definitely smell the tomato, which proves that it's legit! I give the tomato serum a 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐ rating! My skin is sensetive, though - so it might be different for others! 

Secondly, the bell-pepper serum STUNNED ME. There wasn't much of a fragarence but I could slightly smell bell-pepper's because I love bell-pepper's myself so I can tell of the scent. Immediately when I applied it onto my skin, my face was ALREADY glowing and I felt like my skin became more SOFT. I give the bell-pepper serum a 4/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating! It blew my mind. 

Next, we had the Pina Coloda Lip Scrub. I was very hesitant about this but I've always wanted to try lip scrubs. I opened the container and got a wiff of the fragrance. It had a vanilla scent and was lowkey mouth-watering! I placed a small amount against my lips and my lips became so soft and I felt like a popstar. I give the lip scrub a 5/5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating! I will definitely purchase this product in the future! 

Also, we had the creams - Salmon Cream and Rice Cleansing Cream! When I saw the Salmon Cream - I was a bit surprised. I assume it's just a extract from the salmon itself but it threw me off. It didn't really have a fishy smell, so that's a great thing. It felt nice against my skin. I personally wasn't a huge fan of that but it was definitely very cute! I give the salmon cream a 2/5 star ⭐⭐ rating! Secondly, we had the rice cleansing cream! The scent of this one was very relaxing, in my humble opinion, and it definitely nearly hit my top two! It felt very nice and removed my makeup well! I give the rice cream a 3/5 star ⭐⭐⭐ rating! 

Then, we had the Green Essence Toner. It felt very nice against my skin and I personally thought it left me glowing. The smell was okay but I personally would just give it a 3/5 star ⭐⭐⭐ rating!

Lastly, we had the FACE GEM FACIAL WASH... I was very excited to try this but it wasn't what I expected... The application process was a bit difficult. When I got the paste made, specs of it fell off my face when trying to cleanse it. The smell was not good... It smelled like mulch from the playground. It wasn't a pleasant feeling on my face but it's a cute idea... so I give that a 2/5 star ⭐⭐ rating!

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have tried these! 

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  • Shelly

    Awesome review! This is must try! I hope I get picked one of these days..

  • Nicole Kenneally

    Great review. I would love to have it

  • Missie Tschida

    What a fantastic review!! Way to give all the deets! I'm going to try out the lip scrub simply because of your review! Well done!

  • Breonna Garcia

    I love it. How do I get one? Your review has me very interested

  • Nicole Ragle

    Loved your review

  • Wade

    This bag rocked my socks

  • Aletha Stewart

    I loved the bag. Product clean,and have the richest serum ever! Prism Pop Rocks Hard!

  • Nikki83

    I just got this bag and trying the products out. Its so fun. I love the toner, lip scrub and tomato serum so far.

  • Brenda Parker

    I got to try my first bag. They are absolutely amazing. I am grateful for the opportunity. All of the products were great. I loved them all but my favorite was the lip scrub.

  • Lori Odaniel

    This is absolutely fabulous i cant wait for my turn to give an awesome review such as this Bless your heart im so happy for you CONGRATULATIONS

  • Crystal Jones

    Amazing review I received this bag and loved all of the products as well!!What was you favorite??Mine was the lip polish!

  • Amanda Lingle

    Lucky girl. Those serums are something I have been wanting to try since I seen the first reviews about them. The πŸ… one is great for your skin. The lip scrub is something I need and smelling pina colata is a bonus. The salmon cream I have heard is amazingly mositurizing and as is the rice one..