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Glowy Glam for Slick Hair - My Style

On my greasy hair days, I always like to make sure that my hair's out of my face--which calls for my makeup to be as on point as ever.
Here's a makeup look that works fabulously for when your hair is pulled back and you'd like to highlight your gorgeous facial features and show how glowy you can be!
On that note, I should share with you that this look is all about shedding light on the inner corners of the eyes and using a highlighter to highlight the cheekbones and nose. 
Let's break down the products so I can show you how you, too, can glow:
Avon Magix Tint: A tinted moisturizer that works well since it doesn't create as matte of a look as a strong, matte liquid foundation might. You want this because, again, we're going for a glowy look! I used the Sigma Kabuki brush to apply this.
MAC Studio Fix in NC 43.5: I tend to have extra oily skin, so I did have to slightly mattify with a teensy bit of powder. You can skip this if you don't have oily skin.
E.l.f. Cosmetics 16 Hr Camo Concealer: This one really helps brighten you up, and is almost necessary since this look skips the foundation. I used the Pixi by Petra Full Coverage Foundation Brush to apply this.
Glossier Haloscope: A highlighter that has become my favorite because it glides on so smoothly. This is what I used on my cheekbones, nose, and below and above my eyebrows. I used the SIGMA Tapered Highlighter Brush to apply this.
Surratt Artistique Blush in Rougeur: I just applied a very slight amount of this to give a little rose to the cheeks. This look is less about caking on color than it is about glowing in a natural way. I used the Surratt Artistique Brush to apply this.
Bobbi Brown Chocolate Lip Liner: We are all about accentuating features when the hair is back, so lining the lips with a color that's a bit darker than your lip color is important!
Lancome Le Monochromatique "A La Mode": A super shimmery shade of neutral brown that will get lightened up by...
Pixi x Chloe Morello Lip Icing: A super-light shade of shimmery pink for a feminine touch on the lips.
Smashbox ShapeMatters Palette: I used the "Vanilla" shade for the inner corners of my eyelids, and then used the shade "Blackout" for the outer corners. I also used the brow shade "Soft Brown" to fill in my brows. I used the fine brush that comes with the palette for the brows, and for the shadow, I used the Sigma Blending Brush. 
YSL The Shock Mascara in Blue: I wanted to use this to test if an electric blue would fit well or else over-power the look, and in the end, I decided it would be best if I applied a second, more natural coat of...
Surratt Pointilliste Mascara: This helped me make my lashes a bit more black rather than blue, but the volume of my lashes still came mostly from the YSL Mascara.
Did you guys enjoy this look? If so, I would love to see how you glow! 

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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great look and colors to boot.

  • Kelly K

    Another nicely written review thanks for all the amazing information!! You look great!! ❤

  • faith

    looks great on you

  • Tracy

    I have short hair so putting it up isn't an option but I love this look and the ideas it gives me!!

  • Violet

    This is a great look! I have oily hair so I try my absolute best to keep it out of my face. I put on mascara, eyeshadow, and then eyeliner. I have to put on foundation too because I have acne problems. I use highlighter once in a while, but not every day. I line my lips and fill them in with a pink nude lipstick. I have to make sure my hair is out of my face!

  • Suzi Tackett

    Thank you for the great look and giving me ideas for my look I'm wanting to try.

  • Eve

    You look great!

  • Hibah

    This is such a creative look! I have greasy hair days too. When I have greasy hair days, I put my hair in a ponytail to get it off of my face. Then I put on my waterproof mascara. I apply eyeshadow on my eye and make it into a smokey eye. I love ELF 16 Hour Concealer as well, and I use it sometimes! I have natural blush, so my face looks like I used blush even though I didn’t, so I don't have to worry about that. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is the bomb! It holds all my makeup together for hours! I use this on top of my makeup, but I usually do it before using eyeliner or highlighter. I line my lips with a lip liner and fill them in. Thanks for such an awesome idea! I need to do this sometime 😂.

  • Kimberly Wesley

    You have a beautiful sassy look! Nice

  • Christina Knittel

    Love the look! Would have loved to see it with the electric blue mascara :) Love the earrings, very boho! I typically don't like lip liner but it looks very nice and subtle on you! Gorgeous girl!!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like the look you get with these products and I'm also putting them on my list off must try's so I can buy after this virus is cleared more so I can get out to a physical store where I can actually see these colors in person.

  • Wendy Gomez

    The whole outcome matches very good! The big earrings with the hairdo and make up! I’ll give it a try for sure!

  • Nicole Fournier

    Wow everything looks an sounds amazing! You are so beautiful!

  • Shannon

    The look is great on her.

  • Nicole Robinson

    Very cool. I would love to try that out. Your hairdo or makeup can drastically change your look. Certain makeup looks better with an updo and some looks better with your hair down. Even a different part in your hair makes you look totally different too. It’s fun to experiment with different makeup/ hair combos.

  • Dana Fredrickson

    Very nice review! I especially liked the vanilla shade you used on the inside corners of eyelids. It really made you eyes pop. And you hair is so silky, shiny black and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing❤

  • Serena

    You look/are beautiful! Love the statement earrings with the hairstyle. Thanks for the detailed product descriptions and info. I also appreciate how many different single products went in to your look as opposed to just using one color group/palette.💥 My signature hairstyle is a messy bun and an occasional headband. If the headband is red I’ll do a red lip or if it has yellow I’ll try to incorporate that with an eyeshadow. Hope everyone is hanging in there XOXO

  • Sabrina

    That's very detailed! That you, you look gorgeous! I especially like the pairing when your earrings My hair is usually covered but if I've done it in colors, I match my makeup, usually eyeshadow or a bold lipstick. 💜

  • natosha miller

    Awesome collection of colors! I love the style and wonderful mixes of colors, really stand out! So bold and just something exciting that I must try this! Thanks for a wonderful review ♥

  • Caroline osullivan

    Would love a freebie to get a new look

  • Caroline osullivan

    I love to win something to try

  • katherine wu

    Great reviews! I usually use black eyeliner with neutral eyeshadows to match my hair. Using darker lipstick or lip tint also helps highlight my hair because I have very dark hair.

  • Charley

    What a great review of each product. I have only tried a few products for smashbox and MAC but always looking for more to add. I will try these. Glossier is a brand I haven't tried yet and I will be ordering some soon. My hair usually compliments my makeup. My hair is usually straight because it will not corporate with me. My hair is very fine and thick. If I do anything with my hair I usually try to do a different makeup type too. Usually for a special night or day.