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My Style - Femme Fatale

There's nothing better than looking like a rich, sophisticated, and dangerous woman. Want to get this Femme Fatale look? 
Here's what you'll need: 
Foundation: Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation in the shade 00 Light Natural. This is my favorite medium coverage foundation that's very buildable and very affordable!
Concealer: L.A. Girl Pro. Conceal in the shade Vanilla. This is pretty full coverage so I suggest using a small amount!
Powder: Milani Make It Last Setting Powder in the shade 03 Translucent Banana. I love this translucent powder especially when I am looking for a very matte look!
Blush: Milani Color Harmony in the shade 04 Berry Rays. I'm a big fan of Milani's blushes, this one being one of my favorite shades! It's very pigmented and easy to blend!
Bronzer: The Balm Take Home The Bronze in the shade Thomas. I just got this bronzer, but I already love it! Plus The Balm always has the cutest packaging!
Highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in the shade Starlight. You want to shine so bright that astronomers mistake you for a star? Use this highlighter!
Lipstick: TOSC Lip Service in the shade Galaxy. This lipstick completes the look for me. It's incredibly pigmented and moisturizing! Plus this shade is to die for.
Eye Shadow: TOSC The Eyes Have It in the shades Greenstone and Silhouette. These cream shadows are very pigmented and easy to blend! I absolutely love the shade Greenstone, it's the definition of GLAM.
Eyeliner: Tarte Sex Kitten in the shade Black. Big fan of this felt tip eyeliner. It's incredibly precise and it lasts all day!
Palette: Tart's Tartiest Pro in the shades Punk and Smoked. I use a combination of these two shades to achieve a color match for my brows. Use a small angled brush to achieve a perfect brow!
Brow Gel: E.l.f's Active Sweat Resistant Brow Gel in the shade Clear. I love this brow gel because it keeps my eyebrow hairs in place and it's sweat-resistant so I know my brows will look perfect all day!
What do you think about this look? Would you ever pair a bold shadow with a bold lip? Let me know in the comments below!
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  • Jolie Wasneechak

    So pretty. I need to try this!

  • martha saltz

    love the selection.

  • Sylvia Foster

    Love it looks so cute and good. I love greens this one for sure. I would try.

  • Kelly Frable

    I love this green color. It's so pretty. She has great eyes and eyebrows. It is so you

  • theresa

    amazing green shade it makes your brown eyes pop

  • Cristy

    Really adore this look on you. Really fun & stunning at the same tine. My favorite makeup to use to get the femme fatal look is Femme Fatale - Eyeshadow & Glitter Palette by Amorus because the 32 pan eyeshadow & glitter palette will give you magnetizing day-to-night eye looks with these silky smooth, highly-pigmented, long-wearing and blendable shadows.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like the look and the products look great to and this is on my list of must tries. Green is my favorite color of shadow.

  • Erin Taranto

    GORGEOUS!!!!! How do you post in My Style? I'm new to this!

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Girlyou rock this look. Them eyes are spot on. I love your review very informative thank you

  • Summer George

    You look beautiful! I wouldn’t dare do this but you pulled it off! I would have went with a more natural, lighter lip color.

  • Rose Katz

    I love pairing a bold lip with a bold shadow. My favorite is a metallic green eyeliner and green shadow with a red lip. The best part is to stand out and be yourself. My Femme-Fatal look would be something sparkly. It would be a gold sparkly jacket with a short black dress paired with wedge shoes. I love everything about sparkly outfits. It goes so well with the green eyeliner and the red lip. Add a little bit of highlighter to enhance your natural beauty. This look rocks and I can't wait to show of how awesome I can be in this look!

  • Kelly K

    I can't say this enough "Girl you are on 🔥!!" This is absolutely gorgeous in you and it looks like you had a lot of fun doing this! So my favorite mascara so far has been Shiseido Controlled Chaos Mascara. I just did a review on that so check it out!!! I like it because it makes your lashes look longer and fuller and doesn't clump like most. As far as my Femme-fatale look? I honestly don't have one. I prefer a more natural look because I'm a mother of 3 with one on the way and am very busy so I don't always get much time for a whole look lol. Thanks again for the great review and have a great day!!!!

  • Brooke Wallace

    I love the ideas on the concealer and blush. I love a cat eye and long lashes for my Femme Fatale look. Also a bright or dark red glossy lip!

  • Nikki

    Love this look def something id do! I love a more lengthing mascara to go with it tho so id use the 4d mascara from physicans formula!

  • Ann Thomas

    I love the deep rich green shade with the combination of the classic red lipstick, . My favorite femme fatale style is bold red lips with neutral eyeshadow. My favorite mascara is Maybelinne Lash Stiletto, it gives amazing length!

  • Christina Knittel

    Love the lipstick shade and love love love love the green eye shadow! Dangerous look is an understatement!

  • natosha miller

    The look is very nice, very nights out style! I really love the colors and blend that you created with the eyeshadow as well as the Galaxy Lip Service lip color. It really makes the entire look POP! ♥ Honestly, You did a really nice job with the choice of colors. I never usually use both a bold eyeshadow and lip color, but maybe that will change after reading your review and sharing an example of your color combination in those pictures. It sounds like something not to fear and yet a great way to release that Femme-Fatale we girls all have. I think I will have to try to pair the two soon. I always wanted to add a bright bold color to my lids, even the Silk Purse from the Eyes Have It Eyeshadow pots looks marvelous and strong enough to give that bold look with a beautiful pink color that would amplify my lips if done in a rouge style lipstick. Maybe even the Galaxy you used in this review. That color is really lovely for a red that it just makes the lips pop with that burst of bright bold color.

  • katherine wu

    I love this look, it is literally flawless! 😍 My femme-fatale look would include false lashes and shimmery eyeshadow. My favorite mascara is Gucci's L'obscur mascara, I got it as a sample and I fell in love! Stay tuned for a post about it coming up :)

  • Melissa Green

    I really love your look...it has that classy, hassle free look. It really brings out your natural beauty. I've always been one to go with more of a natural look. I'm new to the whole make-up scene so I tend to shy away from dark or bold colors...maybe in time I'll get more comfortable and experiment with new colors. As for now, I really enjoy looking for new ideas and new looks. Thank so much for sharing :) As for my favorite mascara I'd have to go with Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Doll Lash Extension Kit...the fibers that come with this kit really add length and volume to my lashes. Love this stuff!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Girl, you sure nailed it!! I am not sure where to start after your great job. I would definitely have to gather my ELF products for this. My liguid foundation, I actually prefer cream to powder, but I am unable to find it in stores. I just invested in a three pack of ELF falsies. Got my elf creme eye shadow. And a small elf palette I can use for extra shadow and blush. Finally for the lips, I couldn't find anything in elf that I liked so I am going with wet n wild's lipgloss n if that doesn't pan out I have a wet n wild's lipstick.

  • Mallory

    I would love to try the ABH mascara being offered as the daily giveawAy as I love ABH!! My favorite go to mascara at the moment however does depend on what kind of look I am trying to achieve but...overall- Urban Decay Lash Perversion is my absolute cult fav! I wear it daily. I try a lot of new products every week, lots of new mascaras but I always seem to come back to this one. It is super soft and very thickening. It makes your lashes look and feel like they are natural and you are not wearing mascara. It's not a look for a super big or fancy glam but it is just a beautiful addition to a soft natural looking face. It provides thick natural dark looking lashes that I just adore. I will never stop using lash perversion. And I have never tried a full glam femme fatale look. I am not on the dramatic at all but I do own every item listed in this video so I guess I could try it out!! Thanks beauties!

  • Tiffany

    My favorite mascaras right now are Wander Beauty mile high club and It Cosmetics super hero mascara. I love a mascara that gives me everything: volume, length, and fullness while keeping my lashes separated not clumpy.

  • Serena

    Girl.. if looks could kill we’d all be gone because you absolutely nailed it! Great post and pics. I also like the various brands you used to showcase that you can get great results with budget friendly products too. Awesome job💕

  • Bonita kasee

    Love that look on you! Beautiful! Great colors. Match you perfectly!, idk if I could get away with the green tho. Lol would love to, but..., thanks for sharing