De-stress and recharge🧖🏻‍♀️My Self-Care must haves!

Usually during the week I'm pretty busy and don't really get all the time I need/want to relax. ESPECIALLY with a one year old at home😅. By the end of the week I am just ready for some ME time. 

Every Sunday I like to dedicate the evening to myself, and give myself a little pampering to recharge myself and feel brand new! Whenever I do these things, it ALWAYS has to be in the evening! I never do it during the day because after I do these things, I just like to relax and do nothing. If I were to do them during the day...it's just not happening😅. These 3 things that I'm going to show you today, are the things that help me feel the most relaxed and brand new😌. 

1.) Exfoliating is so important to my self-care because it truly helps me feel brand new! I feel like when I'm exfoliating that I'm washing the day away and starting new. Every time I exfoliate I just feel so fresh and amazing. 

2.) Sheet masks are EVERYTHING to me! I love how sheet masks have a cooling effect. I find that to be super relaxing. I love them so much. Here, I chose to use the Purlisse Watermelon Sheet Mask. This mask is awesome for hydrating your skin and giving you a beautiful glow. Also, it smells like watermelon😋🍉. During the 15 minutes I have it on, I like to watch TV or play with my son. After I do a sheet mask I feel relaxed and new! Like I'm ready to conquer the world again! 

3.) Manicure time is vital to my self care routine! I absolutely love to paint my nails. I almost never pay to get manicures unless I want something special, because doing my own nails is such a stress reliever for me. I've always found painting my nails to be super relaxing. While I paint my nails I like to just think about things about going on in my life and do some reflecting. Every time I finish painting my nails I feel like a brand new women! Having new nails just makes me feel great and more confident. I recently chose this color⬆️⬆️ on my nails because it gives me serious mermaid vibes, and I love anything that has anything to do with the ocean🌊. I also used a L.A Colors nail polish! Unfortunately I can't give you a shade name, because the bottle doesn't provide one😔. 

And once I'm done with my entire routine I like to end my night by making myself a nice cup of Sleepy Time Tea, snuggle up in bed and watch me some reality TV or a good scary movie. 🖤🥰


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my 3 must haves for self-care! What are you must haves for self-care? Let me know in the comments☺️✨. 

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  • Katelyn Little

    Love thst color

  • Rita Whirls

    Love the products. Your review was full of information. I love the color.

  • Pauline

    Thanks for posting and introducing for variety into our arena of products. We should keep an open mind that there are other alternative we can afford as well to destress. Change is good and trying new things are important to use quality that really get to the problem and truly works for you and is worth your time. I love all these beautiful suggestions and your photo's hope you win your review!

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great post! me time is special and very important.

  • Marlena Fannin

    It's great to have a specific time and regiment to relax. I never know what I am going to do fr one minute to the next. When I do find a time to relax, I also like to exfoliate and pamper myself. The sleepytime tea is also something I enjoy. It is so relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Serena

    I love how you have a set time to pamper yourself. You deserve it. I really like how all of your must haves make you feel good and are easy to do for people in all different circumstances. Honestly Katie, I keep going back to your manicure- I’m obsessed with that color- definitely 🧜‍♀️ vibes!

  • Asti Custard

    St ives (watermelon definitely) to die for!!!! And that facemask ive not heard of but watermelon is so great smelling!

  • Melissa Darlene Birri

    What great tips, thank you!

  • Jennifer Brown

    Oooo girl have you tried Color Street? It will definitely help you! I have sworn by them since the Pandemic started 🤣

  • Shannon Pippin

    Oooh! That nail color is amazing! Definitely mermaid vibes 🤩 I love the Purlisse watermelon line, it reminds me of jolly ranchers 🤤