My Routine: False Lash Effect Without the Fuss

I’ve never been one to apply falsies, but if you’re someone who does routinely, then this might just be a helpful few tips for when you run out of your supply.
The idea is to pile on mascaras, but to start with the products that elongate the lashes, and then work on volumizing, thickening, and boldening. 
The mascaras/products I used in order are:

Lancome CLIS Booster XL: This is an enhancing mascara base that will help the mascaras glide on, but will also elongate and separate the lashes.
DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection: This mascara is specifically designed to lengthen, and get at each lash. Also, fun fact--it’s waterproof!
Elcie Lashfull Mascara: This is specifically to volumize, define, and amplify the lashes that you’ve already spent the last two steps lengthening. Fun fact on this one, it’s a cruelty-free product. Bonus points!
Clarins Supra Volume Mascara: This one is actually a lot less clumpy than Elcie, which is why I like to finish off the look with this. Using a clumpy mascara isn’t all that bad, because often it gets a lot of product on, but you just want to make sure the product is spread out once it’s all on--and that’s where this wand comes in. Beyond just doing that job, however, this mascara strengthens, protects, and further volumizes!

Hope this helped all you lash lovers out there! This truly will help your lashes look like falsies from afar and up close.



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  • Corissa Reviews

    Wow!!! Your lashes look amazing. I have longer lashes but I'm always looking to up my game. I was curious though if using so many products feels heavy? I typically use lighter feeling mascara because I don't like the weight on my eyes.

  • Robin Bell

    Love them lashes

  • Holly Robinson

    That's very helpful. Thank you 😊

  • theresa

    every one will be able to see your lashes from miles away ! when i used to wear mascara the most i ever put on was two i never did 3 i didnt want the scary spider look .i was not into makeup at the time but now i am and i want to try every tip there is ! is a booster mascara the same thing as a primer mascara ?

  • Audrey poeling

    I wanna try

  • Yoselyn Maldonado

    I absolutely love how your lashes look after application! I can’t wait to try it myself. Since I have small eyes, finding fake lashes that don’t make my eyes look even smaller is so difficult so I’m always on the lookout for great mascara tricks!

  • Brittani ballard

    That is amazing I love that

  • MICHELLE weaver

    I like natural lashes but mine are so sparse. I'm just no good applying lashes. My daughter is trying to help me with lash application. Soon I will get it, I hope!

  • Danielle Vojinov

    I also think using a mascara primer(I guess is what it is) helps alot!! I've never really given any thought to using a couple(or few 😉) different mascaras at once..hmmmm... def going to give this a try... I'm not as blessed as you with such long dark lashes naturally!! Beautiful eyes you have girl!! Great video and I can't wait to give that a try!!

  • kulnipa

    I also have problem with my eyelash - it is good to know about this product.

  • Mary

    Does the primer help decrease caking?

  • Fatima

    This video was so helpful! your lashes pop so much! the eye makeup compliments you so much!

  • Kelly K

    I always enjoy watching your videos. Very informative and helpful! Plus girl you are always so pretty!! Thank you for these tips to help with creating better looking lashes!!! They look great! As for the daily questions? I've have only worn false lashes like 3 times in my whole life so I guess I'm more of a natural look with just plain mascara. I really don't have any tips per say but I do really like the Shiseido Controlled Chaos Mascara. It makes your lashes appear fuller and longer without clumping. Thanks again for your review! Hope everyone is having a great day! Take care and be safe! 💜

  • Deborah bernier-phillips

    I really enjoyed the video and the process you showed us all in how you got your lashes from almost non-existent to WOW! I used to be a Younique seller and I have to say I like your outcome better than when using the 3d lash mascara,I find with the younique it ended up on your cheeks from it flaking,where as Your products are on your lashes only! I am very impressed with the length. Thank you so much for the review!

  • Ja-Nee

    I like Marc Jacobs lash primer. I am team natural lashes w/ mascara. I have long lashes so i tent to use a mascara that is lightweight for everyday use. One tip I do to keep my lashes from being pulled out by the mascara is a using a gel mascara before applying my regular mascara. It stops your lashes from getting to hard.

  • Erin Bailey

    Phenomenal presentation!! I love the tips you've shared. I use lash primer, then Pat McGrath Labs Fetisheyes, lastly I apply benefit Bad gal BANG for massive volume. I have a trick/habit that I've been doing (for many years) while applying mascara--I twirl/rotate the wand in my hand as I am applying/moving the brush through my lashes. It seems to help keep lashes separated and does provide an extra element of volume.

  • Pauline

    Great Lash always worked for me. Although, sorry I already have a long lashes. But it could work because my lashes have thinned out since. Mmm what to do. I am ok for know. Thanks

  • Sabrina Williams

    Great tips, amazing tutorial. I love the dramatic look you've made. I love a natural lash look more, but false lashes look great on others who can pull it off, and you can.

  • Mekala Holley

    Love this! I have extremely short eyelashes myself so anything I can do to help will work! Thanks

  • Christina Knittel

    I have tried similar white lengthening mascara primers but they just don't seem to look right on me! Love the overall effect on you, though!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great Malvika! This post has enlightened me so much on which mascaras to start with and which ones to use in what order. I so wish my lashes weren't so short.

  • Sayana

    Wow, this is so beautiful, I just loved it! I really would love to try these mascaras.

  • Mariam

    I am a natural lashes+mascara fan. In General, I like natural looks.

  • Ashley Chiarello

    Great video! I also have a routine when applying mascara. My lashes are straight so I curl them first. I also apply the Lancôme booster and than refuel my lashes. Next I apply two layers of too faced better than sex mascara, I don’t need lots of length but this mascara gives tons of volume. Anything with a big wand will do though. For my bottom lashes I use Lancôme definucils, I like how the small brush targets every lash adding extra length :)

  • natosha miller

    Thank you for sharing such a nice selection of mascaras. You really did a great job sharing how each appears on the lashes and the results you get. I liked how close you shared the brush, giving us an idea of what the separation and style it would create for each lash. I honestly love mascara to achieve the false lash look. Trying to always get ones with fibers to build thick and volumized lashes with ease. This is a wonderful collection you've found of easy to use mascaras to boost the appearance of long, thick lashes without the applying of falsies. I honestly fear to ever put anything like that on my lashes, in case they fall off or just not placed correctly. I rather avoid that at all costs. However, mascara just seems so much easier to deal with and these types you have here look wonderful! I wanted to say that the CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base really looks great for something to hydrate and even if not used with anything could make for a great natural lash boosting ability with or without mascara. I just like how smooth it makes the mascara when applied next and that it can be used without boosting natural benefits to the lashes, keeping them healthy. It really is something I never knew had existed and really need to check it out! Thanks again for sharing such a great review of these mascaras and helpful results in the video of how each function and what the ending results turn out to be once applied. ☺♥