During my shower I shampoo with BETTER NATURED COLOR CARE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. My hair is medium brown and highlighted blonde. So that's why I use color treated products. I use hypoallergenic  SUMMERS EVE "TROPICAL ISLAND" FEMININE WASH to bathe with except my face. To wash my face I first use GLOW RECIPES "BLUEBERRY BOUNCE" GENTLE CLEANSER and then I use BARE MINERALS ALL IN ONE "MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER." I pat my face dry and use H20+BEAUTYS "OASIS ULTRA HYDRATING CREAM" as my moisturizer. Then I use PURLISSE'S "BLUE LOTUS 4~IN~1 EYE ADORE" SERUM. Three times a week before applying my moisturizer I use PURLISSE'S "MATCHA GREEN TEA + LEMON DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL" MASK. After towel drying my hair I use PURE BRAZILION'S "DAILY ANTI-FRIZZ" HAIR SERUM. Its keeps my frizzy hair from looking so lifeless. Then I brush my teeth and use my mouthwash and I'm ready for the fun part-doing my makeup. First thing I do is I apply my face primer which is by IT "OIL FREE AND MAKEUP GRIPPING BASE + PORE REFINER & HYDRATOR + ALL DAY GRIP TECHNOLOGY." Then I use my concealer which is from YENSA COLOR + FACE "BC CONCEALER BB + CC" FULL COVERAGE  CONCEALER + 8 SUPERBLACKS ESSENCE under my eyes, under my eyebrow bones and each side of my nose. Then comes my foundation by WANDER BEAUTY NUDE ILLUSION LIQUID FOUNDATION in "MEDIUM" SHADE. I use DOMINIQUE COSMETICS "SHOW IT OFF" BLUSH AND HIGHLIGHTING PALETTE. I use the darker shade for my blush, going from under cheekbones midway into face, then up towards hairline. To highlight I use the lighter colors going above cheekbones, above blush, and go up around my eyes along hairline. I also use the lighter colors down bridge of my nose, under eyebrow bones on my lids and above my cupid bow and a dap on my chin. I use COVER GIRLS "NUDE" EYESHADOW PALETTE. I go with a dark color on my bottom lid, then just a shade lighter in my crease, and for the corners of my eyes I use the darkest brown and I blend the eyeshadow on my lid and my crease's with BEAUTY ACCENTS "BLENDING" BRUSH. I'll use either WANDER BEAUTY'S WANDRESS GLOW in "AFTER HOURS" or SEEN FROM SPACE'S"1-B" HIGHLIGHTERS under my brow bones and I'll use my fingertip and take a little of one of those (sometimes both) and rub it gently over my whole eyelid. Then I use any kind of brown eyeliner. Then I use BENEFIT "GIMME BROW" on my eyebrows first, then I brush them with an eyebrow brush then lightly trace and fill them in with my brown eyeliner. Last but not least I use either MAYBELLINE'S SUPERSTAY "24" COLOR LIPGLOSS & MOISTURIZER in shade "110." I also use REVLONS COLORSTAY LIQUID LIP in "941." As fir mascara I use AVONS "BIG & FALSE LASH" VOLUME MASCARA in BLACKEST BLACK. Then I dress and spray myself down with VICTORIA SECRETS "LOVE SPELL". I'll either straighten or curl my hair depending on how much time I have left till I have to leave.



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