Summer Update ~ My No-Makeup Day Skincare Routine

Hey fam! I’m always updating my skincare routine, but these days, when I’ve got a day without makeup, I like to give my skin the opportunity to really hydrate and rejuvenate with some lightweight but effective products. Here’s what I do!

1. Start with Lancome Energie de Vie Eye Gel to massage the under-eyes and awaken me for the day.
2. I then pick up my The Art of Inhyunjin Hydration Essence, which helps my skin feel a lot more supple and gives me a nice glow.
3. Lastly, it’s time to get some vitamins into the skin with Olay’s Tone Perfection Serum, which has B3 and Vitamin C in it. 
Hope you enjoyed watching my updated skincare routine on my no-makeup days! As I am always switching things around when it comes to skincare, feel free to keep an eye on my Instagram (stories especially) because I usually share updates there as I use new products!

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  • Jennifer Henning

    The Illuminating & Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel sounds like an awesome product I'm dying to try. I would love to try this because I have never had a product that you could easily roll under your eyes, The Inhyunjin Essence Age Defying Serum sounds intriguing because I don't have any serums and I'm not getting any younger so I've been trying to find serums and especially products to help aging. I've tried Olay products before mostly lotions for some type of make-up, this Tone Perfection Serum with Vitamin B3+ Vitamin C Awesome sounds great it seems and sounds amazing for your skin and once again I'd love to try some type of serums since I haven't ever had any types. This review on these products and thank you for sharing these for me to look into and cross my fingers to try to buy :)

  • Robin Bell

    Most of the time I can’t help it I see ole and I think of my grandmothers make up routine. I just can’t seem to bring myself to try it again

  • Rebecca

    I love face serums! I’m gonna have to try the Olay one.♥️

  • Pam Jackson

    Thanks for the amazing post! My favorite product that provides the perfect amount of hydration is Lumene Valo Arctic Berry Vitamin C Hydra Oil. It is a light, non-greasy oil that moisturizes and hydrates dry areas of the skin and lightens any dark spots. My skin looks much brighter & more radiant and just overall looks & feels much healthier. Love the smell of the product. The longer I continue to use this product daily, the more improvement I see in my skin's luminosity. Available here:

  • Asti Custard

    Thanks for the awesome post

  • Amanda Alfreds

    Yayyyy! So excited to try out my prize & let you guys know how it is! My face is super oily and prone to acne breakouts, so for hydration, I use Curel hydratherapy wet skin moisturizer & Abeille Royale youth watery oil every morning before I do my makeup. It helps enough, without helping too much and making my face feel greasy.

  • Kelly K

    Love this so much!!! I really need to try this! Thanks for sharing! My favorite hydration is again (I say this all the time) Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich Cream which is absolutely amazing and smells so good and the Task Force Nine Cream from the Organic Skin Company. Task Force Nine is great for red or irritated skin!! Love both of these and talk about them all the time!

  • Jenny

    Nice video! I love the close ups of the Lancome gel, those massage things look so cool! I never knew that Olay made a serum like that, I’ll have to give it a try sometime! My favorite product for hydration is the Murad Clarifying Oil Free Water Gel Moisturizer. It’s good for my skin since I’m pretty acne prone, and the watery thin texture makes it easy to layer over any serums, treatments, and moisturizers that I use!

  • Prerna Agarwal

    My favorite hydration product for face is Neutrogena Hydroboost moisturizer. For body, I use coconut oil after showers. These products are perfect because I have extremely dry skin and they give me intense hydration.

  • Rukhsana

    my favorite hydrating product for my skin is the touch in sol glassy skin balm, i love the way it coats and adds a suttle shine on my face. it adds a stickiness as a makeup base and if i dont wear makeup it keeps my skin feeling coated with moisture throughout my wear time.

  • Joylynn Grindle

    This looks like a great routine. loved your video again you really know how to make those video's. Is this for oily skin? I use Olay day and night moisturizing cream to help keep my skin hydrated. I have very oily skin though so have to be careful what I put on my face.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Like the video and the products look great. I like the way the eye gel went on and will have to try it myself. I am a big fan of Olay products and I will have to get this but the Art of Inhyunjin Essence is way to pricy for my tastes.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Nice video! It is so much fun to be in this group and see how much everyone enjoys taking care of their skin. As for me, I exfoliate about 3 or 4 times a week. I cleanse my face morning and night. Use my Wild Dew Treatment Essence morning n night for hydration and firming. The final step of my regimen is my brand new jar of elf HELLO HYDRATION FACE CREAM.

  • Pauline

    I loved this video showing compassion and care for your skin. Loved Lancome Eye Gel especially for me. All the products are wonderful and thanks. Want to try this.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    all 3 products look amazing. I am still looking for my perfect skincare , have used alot of travel sizes of different products I have on hand .

  • Ja-Nee

    It looks amazing!! I like light weight moisturizers. My current favorites are Olay SPF whipped moisturizer and Differin Oil Absorbing moisturizing with sunscreen.

  • Kim teal

    Love this combo❣️

  • Rachael Tam

    This article was very informative! Your video was really eye catching. I couldn't look away. Great music too. When I need to really hydrate my skin I first use my Clinique "Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly". Then I use my Double Dare Spa "Jet Super Hydrating Skincare" All in One Jet Serum. Double Dare Spa is one of my favorite Korean Skincare brands. Their products are so amazing! Lastly, if I really wanna add a little extra I'll use my Sunday Riley "Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream" to hold in all that hydration. I like to switch it up a lot so I have so many different favorites. These 3 items are perfect for Combination skin type like mine because they aren't greasy or super heavy. Plus they don't clog up your pores. I could go on and on about this topic and these products but I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a "COMMENT" not a "BOOK". LOL Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I definitely want to try your routine very soon now. Keep up the great work! 🥰✌☺

  • katherine wu

    Like many other people here, I've been focusing on skincare more than makeup in quarantine as well. My current favorite product right now is The Organic Skin Co's Task Force Nine cream, I've been using it nonstop ever since I got it in my tester bag! It's super smooth and adds a TON of hydration to my dry, sensitive skin.

  • natosha miller

    Thank you for sharing such a great review of these products. Also, a wonderful demonstration of those in use. I really love the close view of each and what the product looks like inside. Plus how it really gets absorb or applied to the face. I think they all sound great and I am a fan of Olay products, which I normally didn't think I would be, but since I've tried my first I was hooked! I honestly never seen the tone perfection serum, which now I really want to look for. Also, Lancome is a great brand and that really looks like a nice product. I never buy many of that brand name products, but I always heard it was good and your video proves it to be for the eyes. lastly, the glow is another thing I love from a product, as much as the hydration! That product, The Art of Inhyunjin Hydration Essence looks great and something I will have to check out! Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful review and demonstration. ☺♥

  • Serena

    Malvika doll, I am full ( for lack of a better word) the product shots in your video were beyond satisfying especially the Lancome application and built in massager!💕

  • Tiffany

    Skin Inc facial serum is my fave right now because it hydrates my oily skin without leaving me greasy.

  • Katie

    Those products looked amazing! Great video! I like to use Fresh Black Tea Eye Serum, then the First Aid Beauty Oil Control Moisturizer! Perfect for no makeup days.

  • Tashia

    And netrogena toner

  • Tashia

    Not using to much makeup during summer however I do use not botanics restorative facial oil..