My Nail Transformation - DIY Manicure at home 💅🏻

My Nail Transformation - DIY Manicure at home!
S T E P • B Y • S T E P:
✨Fill a small bowl with warm water and soap 💦 and let your hands soak for 10 min.This will leave them soft and easier to manicure.
🌟After drying your hands with a nice soft towel, file your nails into your favorite shape 🥰 mine is a rounded oval.
⚡️Choose your favorite nail color or something totally new… in my case I picked “Feeling Under the Weather” from Color Club, which I got to try free from the brand through PrismPop 🔥
💫 Paint your nails! Make sure to let them dry… The color club nail polishes dry super quick in about 5 min. 💕💕
I love how much better my nails look when they’re painted - it makes me feel pretty & polished and really brightens the day!
What’s your favorite color nail polish?? 🥰

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