My hair smells AMAZING! Thanks to this hair repairing product

Today I’m trying out the Polish And ReUnite Split End Mender from Pravana! I’m hoping it can help with my split ends. 
💙Packaging - Super sleek and polished (:) see what I did there)
🍋 Smell - It smells like lemon butter!
🙏Texture - It has a semi-translucent gel texture, seems pretty lightweight. It feels like hand lotion after rubbing it between my fingers, nice and oily (in a good way).
💆🏻‍♀️Usage - I start with my mid-section hair and spread it downwards toward the ends where it needs the most help. After I massage my hair a little more, the products is distributed fairly evenly. It feels smoother and happier instantly. Let’s see how it does in the long run!
I can’t stop smelling and playing with my own hair, it smells and feels so healthy and happy!!

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    I would like to try something that controls split ends

  • Rachel Lokos

    That gives you the clean volume you need. I love it, any tips for Using it? 😊

  • grace caceres

    sounds a great product

  • Stephanie

    I love hair products!

  • Hannah Marie

    I definitely suffer with split ends from time to time. Especially if I color treat my hair and/or bleach it. I used to use all kinds of products, things that would suffocate my follicles and scalp. I now stick to plain olive oil, the cooking kind. It has been a lifesaver!!! Trust me!!!

  • Ja-Nee

    Sounds amazing. I battle splits ends by using Shea MOISTURE Leave-In conditioner. I wash my hair then I add nice amount of Leave-In conditioner and sometimes i add a little heat for a deep treatment. It works wonders.

  • Kamasha Wootten

    This sounds good. I think this will work great for my hair.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    This sounds really good and I would like to try it but does it make your hair feel greasy? I don't like anything that weighs my hair down and make it look thinner.

  • Lauren

    I bet it smells incredible! I have dry, damaged hair from hot tools and highlighting. I like to use Pure Brazilian Leave-In Conditioner to help re-hydrate and strengthen my hair. It’s infused with keratin, so you know it’s great for revitalizing your strands!

  • Hibah

    I wonder.. would this work for me? Maybe so!

  • Melissa saunderson

    Wonder if this would help with my hair, I have super fine and dry hair, it breaks so much. I love lemon scent tj, so that would be a bonus

  • Kris Hebert

    I love lemon scented products. I have dry hair and even though I get regular trims, I still have issues with split ends. This sounds Luke a great product. I also have been trying to reduce my usage of heat-styling products to cut back on damage.

  • Melissa Collins

    I definitely need something like this to strengthen my hair so it dosent break off so easily.

  • Hallie

    Lemon butter scent sounds amazing! I think it is important to have regular trims, but I like using strengthening products to help protect hair and maybe prevent some damage. I also experience dandruff, so I like using treated shampoos like Head & Shoulders. Hair ampoules like the Pantene rescue shots are very nice. I have thin hair too, so volume and scalp care are important too. I mix up the hair products I use to get maximum benefits. I will wash my hair twice, first to treat my scalp and then with another shampoo for all the other concerns.

  • haku izunami

    Ooooh that sounds amazing especially smell wise! I'm glad to hear you liked it! Personally for split ends I actually use coconut oil I like to let it sit in my hair for thirty minutes before washing it off every other day and I've seen pretty great results

  • Tina

    I wanna try My hair is so long and it's easy to tangal get split ends alot and when I brush my hair I end up pulling a lot of hair out from tangaling please help me some how with info

  • Bonita kasee

    My hair is so dry and damaged, could really use something like this, to repair, I have tried alot of products, like now I'm using garnier honey and ginger, which dont work for my hair as a leav-in, works ok as a wash out after leaving on 3 min, kinda like a mask, but nothing I have found yet, has just done spectacular, not been impressed at all, and believe me I've tried a bunch lol this looks like it worth a shot, gets old putting so much money in products that dont work lol great review !

  • Patricia

    I know this line of products, but never tried this one, would like to try it! I always detangle with a wide tooth comb, my hair is super thin, and it's the only way to detangle without breakage, and pulling, for hair growth I'm using a scalp tonic NaturalTech Energizing Superactive by Davines is a stimulating serum for scalp, and fragile, thinning hair, this tonic is not oily at all, and is meant to be used after you wash the hair, massaging the scalp, a bit expensive, but worth it! Thanks for a great review!

  • Sabrina

    I love the smell if lemon. Unfortunately my hair would take way too much of the product, lol! I do love treatments the consistency of lotion though. My hair easily damages, so I have to get monthly trims, using argan oil, clay masks, henna masks, aloe vera gel, satin bonnet at night, limited exposure to the sun. Anything to combat these split ends, lol! So I always appreciate a good recommendation. Thank you! ❤️

  • TaShyra Gorham

    This sounds amazing, and I love the smell of lemon. I also like that it’s effective without using a ton of product. I’ve used other Pravana products in the past, and am quite curious about this one.

  • Adaria Johnson


  • sally peabody

    Love the smell aspect of this. It temporarily fixes split ends....I have never read that very honest description on a hair care product and it has to be true of most. It probably does a great job of preventing them though. I would use this though and think of it as a temporary fix. Not sure I would buy it except for the smell. Excellent review !! For hair growth specifically in mind I use Difeel Castor oil Natural Hair Care Solutions, Pro Growth. It does work for me as a treatment meant to be rinsed out as it is extremely Oily . For slit ends and general protection I use a leave in by Garnier called damage erase split-end bandage.

  • Jennifer

    This stuff sounds amazing I'm a sucker for a good smelling hair product. This needs to be on my must try list since I suffer from split ends.

  • Shannon Grant

    I seriously want to try this!! I love the smell of lemon 🍋. I buy Limoncello from Bath and Body. Now I’m going to have to go spritz myself with some lol 😂

  • Lisa Navas

    I definitely want to try this, the scent of lemon and smooths your hair. Thank you for the video.

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