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Let me tell you that my hair was a disaster a few months ago and the word ‘disaster’ is an understatement. I felt like my chaotic life needed no explanation other than for you to just take one look at my hair. It’s the sort of hair you see and think: “Girl, get your shit together!” What’s worse is that I work in an industry where I am surrounded by hairdressers and my ugly brassy choppy hair was subject to scrutiny every day. I had resorted to tying my hair up in a bun to work for weeks on end. My life was in complete and utter disarray.

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It was time for a hair lift (literally) and I was really feeling the grey-silver trend. So I asked for a little help from my friends because, you know, you can always count on them. My beautiful friend Viet, who had gorgeous silvery-ash hair, recommended her hairdresser Hair by Leiyah and I am ever so thankful she did. I told my boss Ammar about my new hairventure and he gave me full blown permission to use Fanola’s new Fiber Fix for my treatment. “Yeah, yeah, Samantha, take it! Take it!” he declared as he started popping the whole kit into a bag for me to take to Leiyah. Sweet!
You may have noticed when you pop into the salon for a colour or bleach and your hairdresser offers you an added treatment such as Olaplex or Cureplex with a take home. Basically what these -plex treatments do is improve your hair quality while lifting or colouring, leaving your hair silkier and softer during the process. Fiber Fix performs a similar role in this process.
Fiber Fix has highly concentrated levels of amino acids that penetrates the hair structure to strengthen and seal its structural bond. Our hair is naturally made of keratin, as with our skin and nails, and amino acids basically help to multiply these keratin bonds to reinforce the sulphur bridges that have been damaged during any treatments. It is treating the hair at the same time you are lightening or colouring so your hair becomes more plump, shiny and strong even after a colouring service.
Hairdressers are like therapists. I confided in her about my hair-trastrophy, but just from looking at my hair she already knew the right diagnosis. I got her on the phone with my colleague Alyce to discuss the process of using Fiber Fix and Leiyah was onto it.
I have since sat in two sessions with Leiyah. Here is what happened:
Session 1: Leiyah was able to lift my hair in the first sitting to a level 7-8 as I had some stubborn bits in my hair. It is always harder with coarse Asian hair to lift so this was expected. How my hair felt afterwards was amazing! It was so soft and silky that I didn’t even feel like I had stripped my hair at all. Leiyah then applied an ash tone over my hair./Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/K - Content curation + upload/0612/Fanola fiber fix - LONG/2.png

Session 2:Two weeks after the first appointment, I sat my second session with Leiyah where we were able to lift my hair to a level 8-9. I loved the grey colour my hair was after the toner was applied and how healthy my hair still felt after the process./Volumes/GoogleDrive/My Drive/K - Content curation + upload/0612/Fanola fiber fix - LONG/3.pngTHE VERDICT
💯I think results speak for themselves when people comment on how great and healthy your hair looks. So many people were telling me how much they loved my hair and how soft and shiny it felt even after bleaching. I asked Leiyah for her take, since she is the expert, and here’s what she had to say about using Fiber Fix for the first time: 
“Fiber Fix definitely is a game changer, I could feel and see the results immediately. It felt like we never bleached her hair! Not to mention that smooth, soft and shiny finish.”
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