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My Hair Despair Days are OVER!

For my birthday present from Sephora this year, I chose the Briogeo hair care set, charcoal scalp revival shampoo and this absolute gem of a conditioning mask! It's called Don't Despair, Repair! and I thought, "ok...we'll  see." I have very fine, wavy, and dry hair. It's begun to show its age a little, and it's gotten quite dull. So  I was hopeful, if not quite convinced. Even though this is a review of the hair mask, I have to at least mention the shampoo, which is pretty wonderful!  It's grainy and gray, so I had some doubts but went ahead with it. It has a minty smell and made my scalp all tingly, I really felt my scalp waking up! 
After rinsing and squeezing out the water from my hair, I applied a generous amount of the mask, put on a shower cap, and went about the rest of my shower. I probably left it on about 15 minutes before rinsing. Then I let my hair air dry. (I was so patient!)   
Well, as you can see from the picture, it gave me my shine back! And my hair feels really good, soft and buoyant. I'm really pleased. And it smells wonderful! I'm going to give this mask 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and a hallelujah!  I will definitely buy more when what I have runs out. If you want to try, click the button and like my post! Thanks, Beautiful! 

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  • Pauline

    Briogeo of deep conditioner mask product for your hair. I want to try this product too. There are a lot of hair masks out there right now. Garnier has a hair mask that is smelly & fruity to try.

  • Rukhsana

    Will love to try and review this product as I have extremely fried over processed damaged hair.. nothing seems to solve yet.

  • Kim sizemore

    Gonna gran this next time

  • Tanmaya

    Need to try this😁

  • Debby Dieckman

    Now I really need to try this!

  • Christian Callaway

    This hair duo looks amazing! I think Sephora always has amazing birthday gift options each year. Last year I got Drunk Elephant jelly cleanser and the polypeptide moisturizer duo birthday gift and I loved it. The Briogeo duo looks great for hair and I would love to try it out, thank you for your review!

  • Marilyn Wagner

    Omg I would fall in love with this!! My hair needs all the help it can get literally lol it's pathetic right now and finding a great product that actually works would be a dream 😍 I wanted to point out that I love the Jimi Hendrix poster lol

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I almost got this as my birthday gift too but decided to go with the milk makeup trio. Now I'm kinda upset with myself. Haha. Your hair looks beautiful! Thanks for the review.

  • Kate D.

    Oooh I'm so glad that I came across this amazing review! I've been dying to try out these Briogeo products. I actually have the travel sizes of both the Charcoal Scalp Revival Shampoo & the Don't Despair! Repair! deep conditioning mask. My scalp is in dire need of a good scrub, and the fact that our made your scalp tingly makes me want to try it even more. My hair is so frizzy and dry that I think I'll get out of the shower for the hair mask part, because my hair needs to let it seep in for more than just 15 minutes. I'll probably put the deep conditioning mask on my towel-dried hair, put on a shower cap, and let it sit for at least a half hour. I'd likely only keep it on my hair for so long during the first few times that I used the mask, depending on the results, or lack thereof. I love that you say that it smells wonderful. That's a bigtime plus in my book! I hope that I see the same shiny and soft results that you did. I'll write up a post once I finally use the iris m products.

  • Billie Wheat

    Happy happy BIRTHDAY to you,, thanks for the amazing review, you definitely inspired me to try this

  • Brandi Wells

    Nice review

  • Jennifer Henning

    Happy Birthday or belated. This seems amazing. And sounds great!

  • Ann Thomas

    Happy birthday! Definately that is a wow present! I am in the look for a hair mask so I will give it a try!

  • Kelly K

    Thanks for the review I need that for my hair. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂

  • Nicole Robinson

    Happy Birthday! Your hair looks very healthy. I’ve had my eye on these products and it’s good to know that they actually work. Great review thank you 💜

  • Bonita kasee

    First I wanna say happy Birthday, second I wanna say, your hair looks amazing!! My hair has gotten dull, flat, and straight, and dry, lol age related, other than the dry lol from what I can see, I'm definitely wanting to try this, , my Birthday month already passed, so will purchase this for sure!! Thanks for the great review, I cant wait to try this lol

  • Dana Fredrickson

    My Birthday is the 29th of this May and I've been deciding on what gift to get from Sephora and you helped me decide. Happy Birthday to you! And Thanks for Great Review!

  • Deloris P.

    Happy Birthday

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    Lololo! That’s what I chose for my birthday gift from Sephora, too. I can’t wait to get it and try... Any day now 🥰

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