My Go-To Lip Routine - MAC Lip Liner and Marc Jacobs Lipstick

Hi, PrismPop! I'm Alessandra DeMartino and I want to share with you my favorite way to do my lips on a daily basis.
These products are so well loved that they're totally covered in purse junk 😂
I start out with a lip liner by MAC (love this brand) - the shade is Spice.
FYI doing your lip liner is TOUGH on camera! 👄
I make sure to get a good cupid's bow outlined before moving on to the main lip color.
My go-to is Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in shade 230 J'adore.
I just think this is the perfect pop of color for a daily makeup look - kind of natural, kind of nude but a beautiful compliment to my olive skin tone.
What's your go-to lip? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for watching - follow for more!  💕

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  • Treasure Encalade

    I wrote onnthis one

  • Missy Oakley

    Love the color of the lipstick you are wearing. It really looks nice on you.

  • Cestlavia Batiste

    This video was very cute and easy..thanks for sharing

  • Toni

    Haven't received any free samles

  • Treasure Encalade

    Luv Mac cosmetics there reliable always on the go makes my lips soft and color last and the color you have is popping out

  • Patricia

    Gorgeous colors that fit you perfect! A big yes to both brands love MAC's lip everything, and MJ's lipsticks have a nice staying power, and really nice shades, great review! My essencials are eyeliner and lipstick, can't leave the house without them!

  • Lisa Martin

    That color looks great on you

  • Janet Bolling

    Love that color of lipstick on you!

  • Carrie Burrus

    Love your review. And yes, that is hard on camera than not. lol. I just like a pretty glossy lip. Nothing fancy.

  • Chelli counts

    I definitely like your review I have used either tinted lip balms and I have used pink and nude and maybe red lipstick and I usually top it off with lipgloss keep up the good work

  • Nikki83

    Loving that Color.

  • Candy Underwood

    This color is awesome!!!!

  • aubreina

    Love that lip color

  • Crystal Jones

    Lobe this dynamic duo!My must have beauty product is a good mascera.I always use mascera almost everyday.

  • Angela Alonzo

    Girl I love ❤️ that color 😍

  • Melissa Griffith

    Favorite lip is YSL Tatouage couture LIQUID MATTE LIP STAIN in #7 medium nude. The applicator is made in a way that I can line with it and skip the lip liner.

  • Tiana

    Love the color!! I have to definitely use that shade! For me, I can’t go anywhere without my essentials, which is, wearing eyeliner, lipstick or lip stain.

  • Naf

    I have used a few MAC lipsticks before and they seem ordinary to me. But they are long lasting. My eyeliner is absolutely essential because without it, my face feel naked.

  • Avary

    I definitely love a good neutral! I need to get spice lip liner looks so pretty and can go with many.

  • Kelly M.

    Beautiful color. Thanks for the tips girl I feel like you know so many unique tips on how to apply makeup!

  • Shay Alyxander

    Beautiful colour! My go to lip product is Rose Vaseline, it's the best lip primer/lip balm ever!

  • Michelle

    I love to try that..its very pretty color.would be my one on go lipstick and lip liner

  • Sarah

    Oh boy my must have list for my daily use is pretty long!! My primer which is elf poreless primer putty, than my it cc cream, than I have to contour my chin and nose and forehead dont forget eyeshadow primer eyeshadow and mascara eyeliner and last but not least a little highlighter oh almost forgot my brows it's all a absolute must it makes me feel good about myself! I do it for me and nobody else!!

  • Elizabeth

    A makeup essential for me is mascara primer. L'oreal makes a really good one. Actually, it is as good as more expensive brands. This is a really nice lip look. I have tried both of these brands for lip products and they are great quality.

  • Hope Exum

    My must have daily products are mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Also have to use my Bed Head Mini After Party to help tame this hair of mine. It completely helps frizz, shine, and a bonus smells awesome. Without these daily essentials I would be lost!!