My go to lifesaver!!!

So this is magic in a bottle! I'm not kidding. The moment I see me breaking out or notice a developing pimple, I use this!!! 9 out of 10 tomes Its cleared up the next day.


I cant praise this product enough, because I'm that convinced. It's a chemical exfoliant whit hydrating purposes. It doesnt dry my skin out at all!


I apply this with a cotton pad first thing after cleansing my face before bed. I only use it at night to avoid irritation from sunlight. 


Its super important to always use SPF while incorporating chemical exfoliation In Your skincare routine!! 

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  • Sarah

    I've been eyeing this product for awhile can't wait to try

  • Melissa Griffith

    I love this product so much. It has made the biggest difference in my skin's texture and hyper pigmentation, and it is so gentle. Thanks for sharing. Paula's Choice don't get all the love they deserve.