My go to Korean face mask for brightening glow - Innisfree

This is my absolute all time favorite face mask. I always buy these x15-30 at a time. Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand that sells makeup and skincare products. This particular line of products is called Second Skin Masks, they come in brightening/moisturizing/nourishing/soothing/firming types. 

I've used the moisturizing and brightening ones. But in this video, I'm using my favorite, Brightening Mask. It not only is a jelly like mask that is basically "invisible" when in use, hence the "second skin". And what's best is that out of numerous brightening face masks I've tried on, this one actually works. I always use this mask before a special occasion. It really rejuvenated/brightened/nourished my face

6/5 recommend!

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