My First Impression of the Medicube zero pore Peel Pad

I finally received my peeling pads from medicube  in the mail yesterday and they could not have came at a better time. I just recently had a Major outbreak of blemishes all Over my face and can use a little extra tlc and deep cleaning to help these suckers go away. Immediately after opening the package  I could smell the medicated aroma coming from the jar and just knew these were going to get the job done. I actually really like the packaging it is a really big jar and feels quite sturdy. The pads are a decent size and make it more manageable to hold while swiping it across your face. The pads come soaked in a lot of solution and I personally feel like you only need to use one pad for your entire face. I noticed that these peel pads  cleaned off a lot of access dirt that was left behind after cleansing my face. Which leaves me to believe that they have potential to work in replacement of a toner. My face felt refreshed afterwards and did look more toned. My skin felt clean and healthy, I’m still waiting to see what happens along the lines of it helping with my breakouts. So in that regard it is to be determined. Overall I love these peeling pads they do a great job at cleaning my skin and doesn’t cause any irritation at all. I highly recommend trying them the next time they are available to try. I am almost certain you will love them.

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