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My First Experience With Flower Beauty

So I tried the brand flower beauty for the first time today and I have to admit that I am really loving the Cosmetic items I have tried so far. I tried two products from them the first being their Flower Pots Blush in the shade Peach Primrose and the second item being their Matte lipstick in the Shade Warm Sand. Both products performed phenomenally and worked perfectly with my overall makeup look. Both the blush and lipstick will be great additions to my makeup collection and honestly will be great for everyday use. 

The Flower Pot Blush provides the perfect flush to my cheeks leaving me with an overall rosy complexion. I’ve been gravitating more towards peach blush lately because I feel like it works better with my complexion. The presentation of the blush is gorgeous and really beautiful. Their is a bit of fall out but that doesn’t really bother me to much. It blends so well and you don’t need much. I simply just dip my brush in once and instantly was provided with a great deal of color. I highly recommend trying this blush 💯💯💯

The Flower Beauty Matte lipstick is fantastic 💄 it lays on my lips so comfortable and actually lasts for a good bit of time before I have to reapply. It doesn’t peel off my lips especially during eating and drinking. Their is no build up and it applies so smoothly. The shade that I had the pleasure of wearing is called warm sand. It seems to be a neutral nude. Really considering getting some more lipsticks from this brand because they perform perfectly and I don’t have to check my lips every 30 minutes for a touch up. It is transferable ..... 

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