My first PrismPop bag - Color Club Nail Lacquer in 5 shades

This is my first PrismPop bag!  I am delighted to get the opportunity to test and review these nail polishes. I am very satisfied with the results I'm receiving from these polishes. I used two coats of polish and that gives me the desired result. The polishes have stayed on without chipping; which is what we all want right?  

Martian, Martian, Martian:  This is the perfect green color for this time of year.  It has a shiny finish and doesn't chip. Two coats is all you need for perfection. I love this one. 

Feeling Under The Weather:  This is a gorgeous pale blue color that is perfect for Spring Time.  This color has a shiny finish and will look great with just about anything.   All you need are two coats of this one for the perfect finish. 

Cobbler Gobbler:  This appears to be a kind of bright orangish pink color in the bottle. Since I have a pale complexion, I didn't really like this one against my skin color. It was, however, my first choice to try.  Maybe once I get a tan, it will look better on me. I really like the color just not on me because it was similar to my skin tone. 

Matte-Erial Girl:  This color is a golden bronze. It looks amazing on. It does have a matte finish but it looks great on.  This one is my second favorite. Again it only takes two coats for perfection 

Yes, Of Quartz:  This is my favorite of the bunch. It's a shimmery iridescent finish. It's very shiny and looks amazing. It only takes two coats; but you can apply this color on top of colors that aren't shiny, to give them the desired shiny effect. 

Overall, I am very impressed with these polishes. They are high-quality polishes that don't chip quickly.  The colors are beautiful and they have my nails looking next level. I would highly recommend Color Club Nail Lacquer to everyone. Thank you PrismPop for giving me this amazing opportunity. I hope I made you proud. 

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