My favorite makeup remover!

This is the Glossier: Milky Oil Waterproof Makeup Remover. The packaging is adorable, I love all of the simple but amazing things about this bottle! It is easy to use, I love how you just have to put a little on a cotton pad, your hand, etc. It has an ok smell, it doesn’t smell like roses but it doesn’t have a harsh smell. It is very effective! I have started using waterproof mascara because my mascara kept getting off, and his helped remove all of it! I am so happy that this works. 

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  • Kelly K

    I absolutely love Glossier products. I haven't tried this yet though so thanks for the review. I'll be adding that to my order today!💜 Glad it removes make up well.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Been looking for a reliable makeup remover. Sounds like a good price and a good brand. Also I think it will get the job done too because I also wear waterproof mascara.

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