My Favorite Lipsticks from M.A.C: Classics and New Favs

M.A.C is known for their iconic bullet lipsticks, and over the years they’ve launched many colors, collections, and finishes. It can get overwhelming….
Here are my M.A.C Lipstick MVPs that range from mattes to glossy finishes.

🅿️Priming - I am a firm believer of priming my lips to optimize the pay-off and longevity of my lipstick. I put on a light layer of the Milk Kush Lip Balm, and then conceal around and on my lips with the Glossier Stretch Concealer. 

❤️Devoted to Chili (Powder Kiss)
Finish - non-drying matte
Color - Warm brick red (slightly deeper than the OG chili)
Review - If you love Chili, you will love this one. It is super comfortable without sacrificing longevity. It is not an intense one-swipe color, but it is still very buildable. Great for an ombre look.
🍫Paramount (Satin)
Finish - Satin
Color - Reddish-brown
Review - Oh this is my new favorite. its got the perfect balance of red and brown. Great for a grungy look when applied fully opaque, love it for a care-free bada$$ look when applied lightly. 
🌶Chili (Matte)
Finish - Matte
Color - Brownish orange-red
Review - This one is a classic. A universally flattering orange-red that is deep enough for fall and winter, but vibrant enough for spring/summer vibes. You can clearly see the one I have here has been through a lot… It is matte, so I prefer to wear this with a lip balm underneath. It fades gracefully, so don’t worry about the awkward “lip liner only” look. 
🍇La Femme (Love Me lipstick)
Finish - Glossy
Color - Deep eggplant purple
Review - Love at first swatch. This is the first purple/berry lipstick I’ve ever bought, and I’m glad I did. It looks a bit intimidating in the bullet, but the glossy finish makes it super wearable. A light layer looks like a hydrating lip stain, when layered it turns into a vampy, fierce, but juicy situation.

💯💄If I were to go on vacation (totally hypothetical, I’m happily social distancing), I would bring these 4 lipsticks. Which one is your favorite? (I don’t have one, it’s too hard)

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