My Favorite Anastasia Brow Definer

This eyebrow definer is very easy to use, very simple and effective packaging.
A brow tool designed with a versatile, retractable, thick triangular tip.
The triangular tip is smooth in texture with little pressure strokes it works amazing.
I have tried so many brow applicators and brands. Anastasia is by far my go-to product! 
The only reason I love this product is because it gives eyebrows a natural tint. I advice my friends who are blonde to opt for cooler tones of blonde when choosing these brow color.
If you are a cooler toned blonde then I would recommend purchasing the Anastasia brow definer dip-brow in blonde. If you are medium skin tones like me choose Ebony color.
Overall, this product is bomb, application is easy, quick, and it is long lasting.
I recommend to all my beauty lovers friends and family
What do you use on your brows?

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