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My Experience with Milk Makeup Cooling Water

🎁This product comes in a nice and neat packaging. The stick comes in a plastic cylindrical container for added protection. Once you have taken it out of container, it’s pretty much straight forward to use. Un-screw the cover, remove the lid and twist the stick to let the product come out. The packaging is good to protect the product from dust and contamination. It’s very convenient to carry around and use it on the go.

✅Use it over the neck, face, body for instant hydration.
⭐The stick glides on effortlessly. The feel to skin is soft and soothing. It gives a cooling sensation when applied without being tingling at all. It makes skin looks plush, fresh and visibly brighter with instant hydration. The product absorbs pretty well into the skin.
⭐I love how soft this stick is on my skin. I generally apply it first thing in the morning. It makes my face look dewy, brighter and fresh. It provides a fair amount of hydration to my dry skin which is long lasting. It smooths and softens my dry and flaky skin areas. I use it to provide light hydration to my skin all day long. I use it to prime my face before applying makeup or just tinted moisturizer.
⌛👍To be honest, this works as an excellent primer. My makeup doesn’t budge at all for hours. I use it before applying tinted moisturizer on a daily basis and not only does it make it stay longer, it also makes the application flawless.
🌞On hotter days, I use to keep it in the fridge for added cooling effect. Apart from that, I use it around my eyes to reduce puffiness or after long hours on computer to de-stress my eyes.
💯IMBB Rating: 5/5. All in all, this one is a keeper. The Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick is a nifty little product to have around for all skin types whether you’re prepping, priming, or just in need of a little lightweight moisture this is a great moisture stick to have handy.
Sleek, slender, weightless. Perfect to carry anywhere.
Non-greasy texture.
Does not clog pores.
Infused with skin-friendly sea-minerals and caffeine to provide a boost of hydration on the go.
Fragrance free.
Works as a great primer.
De-puff and soothes sore eyes.
Cruelty free.
Paraben free.
👎 Availability could be an issue in India.


💯Would I Repurchase/Recommend Milk Makeup Cooling Water? This is a must for hot weather – instant cooling magic. I am going to refill it again and again.
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