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My Daily Morning Routine with Rise + Glow! ⭐

Drunk Elephant has these sample size sets that are catered for different stages of skincare. I got to try the Rise and Shine set, which includes the Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin B Serum. After a few weeks of testing these products out, I thought I would share my opinions on these products and whether or not I would repurchase it!
🤑$23 USD for 0.27 oz/ 8 mL B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum and 0.27 oz/ 8 mL C-Firma™ Day Serum 
⭐Drunk Elephant claims to provide moisture, illumination, and brightening through these serums. Vitamin C is catered to reducing hyperpigmentation while Vitamin B helps with dullness and unevenness.
🎁The packaging is a really adorable tin that I think would be great for gifts during the holidays. Inside are the two small serums with pumps which is very convenient.
🎁My only “complaint” is that I wish that they weren’t so small. I would pay more for a slightly larger sample size so I could see what it does for my skin after using it for more than a month.
⭐The texture of the C Firma is very tacky and thick. You can feel some resistance when you apply it to your skin, so make sure not to pull on your skin too much and be a bit generous with the product. Once it absorbs into the skin, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or sticky. The B-Hydra feels more like the common serum. It spreads really easily over the skin and absorbs quickly as well.
✅After washing my face in the morning, I first take around two pumps of the C-Firma and apply it all over my face and neck. I try to pat instead of spreading so I don’t stretch my skin out.
✅Then I apply two pumps of the B-Hydra on my face and neck as well. This one you can spread pretty easily.
✅I seal all that in with a moisturizer and then apply my sunscreen. (Read my Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen review here: )
💯I highly recommend these sample tins from Drunk Elephant. It’s great because it gives the opportunity to try these products which are REALLY expensive full-sized. They have other ones that sample other popular products, which I hope to try in the future.
💯As for the serums themselves, I truly enjoyed them and will consider buying the full sizes for sure (once I have enough money to drop on skincare lol). I think I would buy Vitamin C over the B if I had to choose one. But both made my skin feel amazing and worked great in conjunction with each other.
⭐Also, I’m pretty sure that these products are low risk in terms of skin irritation. I didn’t feel like I had to be careful with the application at all, besides not using it with acids or retinol.
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  • Nicole Shoquist

    I sooo want to try this stuff

  • Heather rood

    😍😍 I’ve been tempted to try drunk elephant for awhile now. But now it’s a must !

  • Christy Sargent

    Rise & Glow has been a part of my daily life since I discovered it! Great products that really refresh & give you that gorgeous glow!

  • Sara Rutherford

    I can’t wait to try this!!!

  • Charlisa

    Great info

  • Alena

    The tackiness of the vitamin c serum is helped when you mix it with the bhydra and a moisturizer. It makes it much less tacky. I mix everything together and put it on. Fast and effective. The products also last a long time, you need very little. J was shocked how long those little things lasted. It makes the price factor better :).

  • Alena

    I am a drunk elephant super fan!! The products are all very gentle yet effective on your skin. I use this combo in the morning as well. To me cfirma, has an odd smell to it almost like meat or hotdogs, funny I know. Now the bhydra is something I couldn't live without I use it everytime i use any drunk elephant product. I mix in the bhydra for that extra moisture and it helps the products work much better as well. I could go on and on about these products. If anyone has any questions let me know. I love talking about skincare!

  • Shannon citrino

    I like that the duo come together. Sometimes purchasing separate can get tricky,especially if only one item is stocked. I've used a few Drunk Elephant products and have always been happy with them, but did go to others eventually because of cost.

  • Sarah

    Absolutely have convinced me I've been dying to try for some time! Now I'm going to get it!

  • Brittany Miranda

    Would love to try

  • RCS

    I would like to try the vitamin C product on my scars. My Black Friday beauty deal was a Victoria's Secret perfume + lotion gift set for $25.

  • Naf

    Nice. I have yet to try a Drunk Elephant product. I actually have a sample of their lotion sitting at home, just didn't get to it. I found some deals from Kohl's such as their hand cream sets and their lotion set for under $15. I also saw some great deals at Ulta, like nail polish sets for $8.

  • Carriann Hatfield

    Looks like a great product. Would love to try. Thanks for sharing.

  • Heather

    I would love to try this! I save money by going to walgreens and checking coupons. Yesterday I got physicians formula foundation for $4 thats a $12 saving!!

  • Elizabeta Manna

    I really would love to switch my morning beauty regimen. You have me completely interested !

  • tia

    I so want to try this out

  • Katie

    I actually have samples of these!! I need to get to trying them! Didn’t do any Black Friday shopping! To hectic for me! I prefer cyber monday!

  • Courtney

    My price range, thanks! Will try this out. Honestly, Lime Crime and Winky Lux have been having the best Black Friday deals in my opinion. Got about $300 of makeup and brushes for about $78.

  • Maxine Crawford

    Lucky you for the sample!! I sure I'd get some. I newd to up my game in morning routines. I love all this info in the post and the videos.

  • sally peabody

    This one is new to me ? !! I am definitely going to try this one out. Great share I use sunscreen but I get picky no ball ups ! Thank you !!!

  • Shelly Jacquez

    I am so interested in this product and wish there were samples available for us to try before we buy!

  • Amanda

    I've always wanted to try this Drunken Elephant brand because, I hear such GREAT things it's just too PRICEY for me. Today I got a liquid lipstick from Vibrance Cosmetics called Passionate Plum for only $7.99 with FREE SHIPPING and a free gift with every purchase!😍👍

  • Mandie

    I absolutely love Drunk Elephant products!! Especially their bha/aha peel. I have found an almost dupe and it's a #kbeauty product. But it contains the same amounts of Bha/aha for half the price!! Which to me is a huge plus. I'm like you, I have to use sample sizes til I can afford their full size products. I did however find some amazing black Friday deals on ulta's website!! Heres to fabulous skin girl!! Thanks for the review 💕💕 I also agree with the other comments about elf putty primer being a dupe for tatcha silk canvas!! And I was really excited to find out that physicians formula butter bronzer is a dupe for Chanel's bronzer!! Dont you just love a good dupe?

  • Shannon Grant

    My best dupe is Nicopy Radiance Tone-Up Cream. I have never had a moisturizer brighten, tighten, and hydrate my skin so well. I believe it is $24.99 on Amazon. A little goes a long way!!

  • Ja-Nee

    I only like a few things from Drunk Elephant. It's a little pricey but a nice brand. I love the name. Lol. My Black Friday deals were bareminerals BARESKIN foundation powder, Benefit Porefessional gel primer, Benefit Hello Happy Foundation.