My Current Favorite Cleanser!🐝

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all staying safe out there!

Here is a great cleanser to use if you want radiant skin along with smooth texture and even skin tone. I hope you enjoy this review!


This is the Kiwi Botanicals' Brightening Honey Melt Cleanser🐝. It's 3.1 oz and it comes in a see through jar with a white top. It works for Normal, Oily, and Combination skin. The cleanser has an orange gel-like feel that foams up when mixed with water. Two main ingredients are Manuka Honey and Totarol Extract. Manuka Honey helps to provide radiant skin and has amino acids that removes dead skin cells. Totarol Extract has anti aging benefits. On top of that, it is cruelty-free! 

Retails for $7.97 in Walmart


So, here is what my skin lookes before I use this everyday. I'm hoping you can tell the difference by the end of this post! πŸ˜†


As you can see, the cleanser foams up a little and can easily cover your whole face with just one dip of a finger! I love it!πŸ’– 


So here are my final thoughts:


  • I feel very clean after use 
  • Though it has a scent, it is very faint and also pleasant so it could also work for sensitive skin. (Maybe not highly sensitive skin)
  • Affordable


  • I wish I didn't have to dip my finger in it because you know, unhygienic
  • Even if I tighten the jar, some of it slips out and makes everything stickyπŸ€ͺ

I hope you enjoy my review! Let me know if you have questions!πŸ”₯🧑


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