My Color Contacts Collection ✨ Daily to daring!

Hey Guys! I'm so excited to share with you guys some staple color contacts I wear in my collection. I feel like color contacts are more popular among Asian communities (correct me if I'm wrong) but I guess people who are already blessed with blue/hazel/green eyes don't really need color contacts haha.
I wear color contacts mainly to enhance my eyes or for when I want to create a more dramatic look. I'll be introducing 4 different color contacts in this video. All are prescription based (I'm nearsighted).
1. Brown Gold shade - 1-Day Acuvue Define Radiant Bright (30 pcs) - These are dailies. I wear these everyday because they are close to my own eye color (dark brown) and they enhance my eyes by adding a golden shimmer to my pupil while still looking very natural.
2. Black Gold shade - 1-Day Acuvue Define Radiant Charm (30 pcs) - These are the same brand as the one above, but black in color which in contrast makes your pupil have a more defined black outline, giving your eyes a more noticeable sparkle while still keeping it natural.
3. Olive Green/Shade H03 - EYE GENIC by EVER COLOR [1 Box 1 pcs × 2 - cuz who does want green eyes? These I bought back when I traveled to Japan, these are monthlys, since I figured I wouldn't be wearing them as often. I find myself usually wearing these out for photoshoots or during a night out when I want something more dramatic and noticeable (esp in a darker environment). I really love the layers of color in these contacts, this brand has many other beautiful shades, definitely go check them out!
4.  Rock 'n Roll Kristin Blue shade - HapaKristen: I discovered this brand through Instagram but I bought this for a blue makeup look I did at the time, this one is probably the most noticeable one I own, but it make my eyes a lot lighter. The one thing I don't really like about this one though is its diameter is not larger than my pupil, so after putting it on, it actually makes it seem like I have more iris than pupil, which makes me look more exotic (could be good or bad thing, up to you)
Anyways these are my recs in my collection, you can go for a more natural or dramatic one depending on what purpose you're using it for. But if you're just trying it out I recommend just buying one set before buying dailies (pack of 30) etc. Hope this was helpful! 
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  • Elizabeth Contreras

    Beautiful I would love to try one day

  • theresa

    after seeing this i so want color contacts .i want to try the greens ones they look natural would be great for makeup pics .question do you put makeup like eyeshadow liner and lashes then contacts or do you put the color contacts on first ?

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    So awesome!! Would love to try!!

  • Linda Blakely

    Fun fun and more funnn!! I luv that u want to add some pop to your eyes and u did a great job and u look wonderful in them but my favorite on u was the green ones !!!! I can’t wait to try them and play. With different ME’s ‘nn

  • Kate D.

    These colored contacts look really cool on you! I especially like the black color. They look very nice. I've always been scared to try colored contacts. I've never put them in my eyes before. I am a little scared.

  • faith

    those are awesome! I love how vibrant the colors are although your eyes are so dark! I've always wanted to try some other color contacts.

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Oh dang girl you are rocking those eye colors!! My grandma had the prettiest green eyes, and I've always been jealous. I have brown eyes with a ton of orange/gold flakes in them, so I do find them unique. But this was such a fun easy way to change your entire look. Thanks for the review, I don't know why colored contacts have never crossed my mind.

  • Monique Roybal

    I’ve never thought of adding colored contacts to my makeup collection. I used to wear colored contacts YEARS ago just when I went out but it’s difficult for me to find ones that aren’t toooo dramatic a change. I have very dark brown eyes and most colors really lighten up my eyes but would love to find some that have a subtle change. Any suggestions?

  • Natalie Cervantes

    I've always wanted to try contacts but have been too scared, these look amazing!

  • faith

    I like the black

  • Noelle

    I totally agree with switching things up with contacts! They seriously can make you're whole face brighten up with the right color ! I would love to try some green or blue ones!

  • Patricia

    These color contacts look great, all the colors look really nice on you, I wear regular and color contacts to see because I'm near sighted, really nice review, thanks! If I want to change my look I resort to falsies since my natural eye lashes are kind of short and straight, also like to use color contacts sometimes, and if I really want to radically change my look I go for a wig in a totally different color and length.

  • Bonita kasee

    Nice review! Thanks for sharing with us, all of them look nice, make your eyes look nice, I wear glasses, gonna change to contact, so thank for help

  • Tina Ong

    This was great to read. It is some time difficult to get input from the Asian community about makeup. I really enjoy reading and learning

  • katherine wu

    These are so awesome, colored contacts are so cool! If I could change my look with one product, I would try getting false lashes because my lashes are naturally pretty short and I love the look of falsies!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    These look great but I can't use contacts because I have dry eyes and when I used to wear them my eyes used to produce a milky film on them that couldn't be cleaned off. Anyone else who can wear these would probably like them.

  • vanessa spulak

    These are awesome I would rather try a bold green not something slightly different I'm talking SUPER different!

  • Naf

    Nice. These colors do make a difference. I'd love to try a colored contact but I feel like they make my eyes see blurry for some reason. If I have to change my look then I use eyeliner to change it. I use it on my water line, under the low eyelashes or on my eyelid to make the change.

  • Stacey

    Yes you’re right I have aqua natural eyes but we still like to change them .. looks good on you don’t defer too much from your natural color and always pick for your skin shade

  • natosha miller

    That is pretty neat! Looks so real and natural without the effect of wearing a lens in the eyes, it just looks like you were born with those eye colors. Excellent appearance!

  • Tracy

    I love how natural they look. It's always gun to change your eye color for a day or two.

  • Charley

    I like what you did and the color of different contacts are cool looking. I'm not a big fan of contacts myself. But I do see why someone would want to change their eye color from the difference it does make in your video. I like the fact that the eye colors look so natural.

  • Sonja

    Beautiful! A great way to change how you look. A different eye color can sometimes make that dramatic effect. Love it!

  • Serena

    Zhangsta thanks so much for sharing. I was surprised how natural looking the various colors looked! My favorite is probably the Olive Green. I’ve never tried color contacts but now seems like a good time to start😊. Have you ever tried and really crazy or out there ones? My game-changer is falsies all the way. I’d use Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina False Lashes Domina or XXO TINSLEY For WINKY LUX Lashes in Graduate. As I wise woman once said “The longer, fuller, bigger the lashes.. the closer to God”😉. Wearing a fun wig would also fit the bill. XOXO

  • Katherine S

    Wow! Those contacts are gorgeous! My Gamechanger look is mascara!