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MY AM-TO-PM: Morning and Night Routine

Hey Prismpop! I have a few products I'm excited about and want to share with you today. I love using all these products every day and have been for the last month or more. This is my AM To PM routine that I use every day.   

Morning Routine:

Frist when waking up I use a Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser this product is by Biore'.  It's an amazing pore cleanser and I can see it has done wonders for my face for oily skin and has made my skin feel absolutely clean and refreshed.  When using it, it gives off a tingling feeling on your face, lets you know its working and you can feel it working. When done it really makes your skin feel soft and clean after use. This product is great for oily skin like mine and it definitely helps deliver on cleansing and stops oiliness. It's very easy to use, you dampen your face and you only need to use a little bit on your fingertips to scrub onto your face. It turns foamy, smells really good by the way also, then just rinse it off. I've been using this product for a few weeks and definitely recommend this for people with combination or oily skin. Here is the link to where I got this product which was from Amazon. The price isn't bad at all for this product!!


In my second step: for my morning routine:

 I use Task Force Nine. I've been using this product ever since I got it from a prismpop bag and I instantly fell in love with it.  Task Force Nine has 9 key ingredients, it's also organic ingredients.  Task Force Nine is a multi-tasker cream that restores moisture back to your face and it's great if you're like me and have dry skin. 


Nighttime Routine:

 Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water:

This product is an all- in- one with removing make-up cleanses and refreshes your face. After use, you do not need to rinse the product off. I use cotton pads, pour a little on it, and use it all over especially to get make-up off. You don't need harsh scrubbing at all to get make-up either. It easily takes your make-up off. Or You can also just use it basically to give your face a nice cleansed and refresh feeling if you are looking for something easy to use this product is great for that and a quick process on taking care of your skin, Or for the dirty work of taking off make-up which can be a pain sometimes. 

This is a little look into my everyday skin/face routine. These are really amazing products that actually do work and I'm glad to be able to share these with you. These are some of my favorite products and It's a quick and easy few steps with these types of products to be able to get the job done and go out about your day.

I hope you all enjoyed this review of my Am- to- Pm routine. I had some trouble finding my products. Especially for Biore' deep pore charcoal cleanser.  I'll try my best to get that fixed. 

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