Must-Have for Men’s Skincare Routine: Planted Superfood Moisture

Hey guys it’s Nick again! 👋 Here with my third video for Prismpop and my final step of my very first organic skincare review!!!
Today I’m trying out my final skincare product by Trisha Watson Organics. Don’t miss my last video trying out the Flower Girl Toner (for boys, too!) 👀
Here’s my review of the Planted Superfood Moisture
☺️ About The Product: Organic skincare filled with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe and Shea Butter.
☺️ Application & Use: This went on very smooth, it feels hydrating and invigorating. It gave me a nice glow and brightened up my skin.
✨ Results: I didn’t realize my skin felt so tight after washing, but now I know that toning and moisturizing after cleansing really helps balance out your face!
☺️ One Tip: Skincare routines for men don’t have to be weird. Just wash, tone & moisturize and your face will thank you for it!!
💭 Final Thoughts: if you’re a guy and you’ve been waiting to start a men’s skincare routine, don’t delay - try a nice non-gendered product like this one to start off with and just see how it goes!
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