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Multi-Masking for Combo Skin ft. Glossier 🌿🌝

Welcome to part 9999 of my battle against combo skin problems. Recently I fell in love with multi-masking, addressing different problems I have in different parts of my face.
😅T-zone - oily with congested pores, hormonal acne and blackheads
😤Cheeks - normal to dry, not much pore concerns 

 Products and Purpose (2nd Image) 
🌿Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack - Gently cleanse nose area I’ll be focusing more on this mask because it is a new addition to my routine, some of you may have seen a sneak peek in my unboxing video!
🌝Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask - Hydrate cheeks and forehead

 Usage (3rd and 4th Image) 
Step1️⃣ - After cleansing and drying my face. I use a very warm (but not burning hot) cotton tissue and hold it on my nose to relax the pores, I noticed doing so helps me clean out black heads faster
Step2️⃣ - Apply a THICK layer of the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask on my nose and Moisturizing Moon Mask on my cheeks and forehead. Avoid open skin, like that pimple on my nose bridge. 
Step3️⃣ - Wait 15-20 mins for the 🌿 cleansing mask to dry and for the 🌝 to absorb. As you can see in the 4th image, both masks dry/absorb very comfortably, some mud masks make me feel like my skin is cracking after it dries…this one is definitely not as bad 

 Effectiveness (5th Image) 
🌿Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Mask - 8.5/10
⭐️First I want to clarify, I understand cleansing masks will only provide so much instant results. The battle against blackheads is a long one, from exfoliating, using acids, cleansing mask, to extractions, it takes many efforts and consistency for it to work.
As for this particular mask, I really like that it visibly smooths the area, taking away excess oils and dead skin on top. I was able to use my extraction tool to easily remove some blackheads that were lingering at the surface, but I do not recommend going too ham with extraction right after.
👍This mask also provides a cleaner slate for the next steps in my skincare, and that’s a win! You can see in the close-ups, (bear with me I know it’s not pleasant), most of the blackheads are still here, but not as prominent.
*I took 1.5 points off because the very first time I used it my nose turned a little red. It has not happened since!

🌝Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask 9/10
This is my 2nd or 3rd tub of this mask so….yeah I love it. After I wash it off with water my face feels very supple but not greasy. I sometimes use this before starting my makeup to give my skin a hydration boost, the calming effects are not evident here but it also works very well after long sun exposure or any skin irritation.

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  • Cait Burrie

    Great review! Thank you for the thorough information. I have so many masks from sheet masks ( which I do not care for) to clay masks that I love. I really need to start using them on my problem areas as well. The only time I ever have issues with dry patches however is in the winter months.

  • Jesica Dillon

    So my skin is different, super dry all along. But routine was great and very entertaining to watch, haha. It works wonders for ur skin

  • Rose Katz

    🥰🥰I have never tried a nose mask that washes off. I have only used those strips that pull out black heads. Those seem to work for me very well. I am dying to try out that machine that sucks out black heads, but I can't bring myself to spend $30 for that little gizmo. This looks really nice and it is a type of mask that I have never tried. I will definitely have to look into it. Thanks for the great review! 🌞🌞

  • Robin Bell

    This look great and fun

  • Brandi Wells

    Your skin looks great, I love your review, very nice!!

  • Cristy

    Love this review. Your skin is gleaming so these products are working for you - congrats ! You Glow Girl! As for me, I have combination skin and my mask of choice at the moment is Cold Plunge™ Pore Mask by Ole Henriksen it's a Pore mask reduces the look of and deeply purifies pores, controls oil up to 8 hours & it feels so cool & refreshing on the skin which is nice on muggy summer days for sure. It runs $38 and is worth every penny. As a beautician, I use it on clients who always are pleased with the results.

  • Kelly K

    Great review!! I'm still nervous showing my face. I did in one picture I posted because I promised a thorough review and thought I had to show it on my face. Anyway, loved how you used two different masks to target the different problems. Genius!! Also I am obsessed with Glossier!! I've only recently discovered them but I'm so glad I did. They have quality products that actually work. As for today's daily questions? I have really dry skin so my biggest thing is just moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. My favorite colors of the summer are bold bright colors and metallic. I'm really like hot pink with gold or even silver. Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!💜

  • Tina Ong

    Good review. Enjoy the honesty and the images. I think that I would like to try it based on your review

  • Joylynn Grindle

    I use Revlon color stay foundation for my combination skin. Along with Olay skin products for oily and dry skin apply where they are needed. My t-zone is the oily area on my face, while the rest is dry for most of the year. I am using all kinds of looks this year. I have been getting out of my comfort zone using colors Like Pink, Blue, Orange, and Green for eye-shadow. Using pinker and magenta lip colors and blushes along with trying out more highlighters and trying to figure out bronzing

  • Lonnie Ko

    I try to find vegan makeup and skincare that would work on my combination skin like the brand Farmacy. And the look I'm trying for this summer is the neutral yet subtle look with bright red lips!

  • Pauline

    I would try the "Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Masks" for my combination skin. Oily, problem skin and dryness. "Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask" afterwards for dryness. Sounds terrific. Want to win this package deal tonight!

  • Melissa Green

    I've definitely got the combination skin issue...I'm gonna be trying some new products soon. Thanks for the insight.

  • Dalia

    Thank you! Finally some tips on multi-masking! Will definitely be checking this out for my combo skin!

  • Cheryl Drouin

    This looks like fun and easy! Use some masks this week, I will.

  • Jen

    I adapt my skincare for combo skin by using powders in my oily areas and a creamier product in my drier areas. I use a cleanser for combination skin and then I use a combination lotion after.

  • Tia kitchens

    This looks so fantastic! Having combo skin can be very tricky at times especially in the summer. During winter I can bake under my eyes however in the summer my makeup routine changes a good bit. I use a cleanser for combo/aging skin, I always tone and use a good moisturizer as this helps a ton. In the summer I don’t bake under my eyes because I produce more oils. One would think baking would help this but in my case it does not I end up creasing when my skin produces more oils. I lightly dust all over with setting powder and I then take a beauty blender misted with setting spray to help the powder melt into the skin. I get both the soft look without the harsh creasing.

  • Tina

    Thanks for sharing! I love masks! This one is definitely unique compared to the ones I've seen and tried.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Great job on presentation and I would use these if I was younger and had blackheads but I have always had nice skin and the only pimples I get are the occasional big nasty ones so I don't know if this would be good for those.

  • Olivia Montgomery

    Definitely need to try these masks! I have combo skin as well and multimasking is a must!

  • Holly Mitkowski

    This looks like much better quality than the typical masks!

  • Jennifer Henning

    Love this. Would love to try it. I don't have many facial mask especially one that is a multitasking one. Would be great

  • Midnight Moon

    I have combination skin and it used to be so annoying. After I got into a skincare routine it started to balnce out. Ocasionally I will get the oilyness here and there but it is not like it used to be. I have an oily T zone and a dry flaky nose. I also have hormonal acne and even though I do take birth control, sometimes it still comes through bad on my chin and forehead. When applying my makeup for a combination skinned person I like to do my daily routine which is washing, drying and moisturizing the facial skin and neck. Sometimes I'll go between a light moisturizer for those oily days or nights and a thicker one with natural retinol to help the aging process stay down on non oily days. I also make sure to use a Matte Primer (I'm using BECCA right now) letting it dry before I add any makeup. SPF if I am going out as well or I'll use a Primer with SPF. When doing my makeup to avoid all those skin problems as well I make sure to use a setting powder and setting spray. It does wonders. One or two days out he week I will use a mask/exfoliater or even a resurfacing peel. And that's it! I think my color combos for this new year are Brighter, more vibrant colors. I've been practicing meditation and learning the chakras if anyone knows what that is. We have 7 chakras starting at the base of the spine leading to the tip of the head where a 'crown' sits. Each chakra has a color like the rainbow. I'm trying to focus on being peaceful this year and it has been hard with all the things going on lately but makeup helps my mind get off these things. So my colors this year I am really looking forward to are yellow, orange, blue, green, red, purple and indigo.

  • Amy

    I really enjoyed your review and the tips especially for people with combination skin or sensitive skin. What does the paper actually do ? And is this on directions or just a tip to make it work better ?