Multitasking with Fresh “Orchid” Sugar Lip Treatment 🌷🌸🌺

On one of those no-makeup-makeup days, the less products I have to use, the better! For this glow, flushed look I used the Fresh “Orchid” Sugar Lip Treatment for my lips and cheeks. 
🌷Color - This is a vibrant fuchsia that sheers out to the perfect hint of color. 
🌺Application - I layer this on the lips for a glossy look and blend it out with my fingers. Whatever is left on my fingers I gently dab onto my cheeks, it is really easy to blend since it doesn’t dry down. Recently, I’ve been into the monochromatic looks, so this multitasker is perfect for this routine. 

You can try the Fresh “Orchid” Sugar Lip Treatment for only $8 in the Prism Mall. Click to get yours now!

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    Melissa Griffith

    Love your nails.

  • Look inf 1564690474222
    Ashley Hunt

    I love lip scrubs, they are addicting!

  • Look received 2522160654472548
    Denise Carver

    So versatile!

  • Look 0530baaf 19d4 4ba3 85df 26a59d7f9f68
    Yenifer Schalk

    Such a beautiful glow you have! i would love to try the jefree star jawbreaker palette!

  • Look 593df464 d951 4688 b71a 2d08aae50512
    Tia kitchens

    A hyped product I want to try is actually the Urban Decay Naked Honey 🍯 Palette. I didn’t think at first I would want this all that much but after seeing tutorials on the Honey palette, YES, please.

  • User dummy

    This is the product I most want to try.

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