Farrah Abraham + Pat McGrath Palette Mothership V Bronze Seduction 🙌

Hey, Farrah here with another review! Today I use the Mothership V: Bronze Seduction Palette by Pat McGrath for the first time!
😁 I'M EXCITED to use this palette because Pat McGrath is known for PIGMENTED colors that are the best in the business. 
💃 Main goal: For these colors to make me feel sexy!
Here are all the shade names of the Pat McGrath Mothership V Bronze Seduction Palette...
Skin Show Divine Glow (golden champagne)
Entrapment (tawny terracotta matte)
Blaze Bronze (glittering golden bronze)
Rose Gold 005 (gleaming rose gold)
VR Fire Opal (color shifting chartreuse)
Xtreme Aubergine (blackened matte violet)
Gilty Pleasure (silky bronzed taupe)
Disobedient (classic matte mahogany)
Blitz Flame (molten metallic crimson)
Astral Luna Gold (glistening white gold)
✨ ALL of the shades in this palette have shimmer and it's the BEST!
🕺 Shout out to ChristianGlam for letting me use his brushes to apply this beautiful palette!
...Don't forget to follow me for more reviews and try-on!
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    Melissa Griffith

    I need this in my life.

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    The green didn't seem very pigmented but I like how the bronze color showed up.

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    Ashley Hunt

    Love these colors!

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