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Hello there friends ,.                                                               I'm back with another really cool item to review !! As a influencer I absolutely love trying and Reviewing new hot / trendy items , And as many of you know I'm obsessed with skincare !! And I'm willing to pay a pretty penny for it , But today's item is actually pretty well priced  , Mother made green tea toner is calming and soothing and so good for your skin , After we wash our faces in the morning there's still alot of dirt and grime that's left on our skin and even though we can't see it over time it can leave our skin looking dull and tired !! In the morning I take a cotton ball and soak it in my toner and then apply it to it my face and Viola !! The crazy part is a good toner can actually make your skin appear more youthful over time , You'll see less wrinkles and brighter skin almost instantly !! this toner is perfect for people with sensitive skin , It's so mild and calming that your skin well not only look but feel better after it's applied . This rich daily treatment hydrates , And Nourishes your skin , It can restore your skin to it's natural balance !! this green tea toner is 83 percent green tea water , It has AHA & PHA and is filled with nutrient dense sprout extracts for Mild and clear skin that'll leave you with a revitalized complexion . Remember folks , When your born you have the skin that your born with , But when your older you have the skin that you've earned . This is Myshell signing out , Thank you so much for reading my Review , I hope you're all safe and healthy . Good night folks 😘
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