MORE IS MORE?: Uploading a Great Long Post

Here's how to create a high quality, informative and useful piece of PrismPop content when creating and uploading a "LONG" post.

"Long" posts are more focused on the story within your experience while "Look" posts are more focused on the visual elements of your experience.

A “Long” is broken down into 2 parts: VISUALS & TEXT.

~ Part 1: VISUALS ~


Formatting tips:
📏Make sure it is than the recommended size of 1000x560 pixels

What to use as a cover photo:
🎉Treat the cover photo as a summary of your post, show the results, feel free to make collages



Formatting tips:
☝️When uploading images, make sure to click “Sent to server” 
🖥If possible, make the image the same dimensions for better visual consistency and resize them for optimal site speed

What kind of pictures:
👆The content of the images should relate to the text above and below it, use spacing and direct mentions like "the picture below shows..." to clarify to the ready.👇
🖼The order of the images should reflect your real product experience.
🖋Feel free to add text to the images such as shade names, labels, and helpful phrases.

~ PART 2: TEXT ~

As a Long Post, the text is just as important as the images. Take advantage of the longer format of a Long Post to dive deep!
💻The text accompanied by the images should be easy to read, informative, and personal
💻Break up the paragraphs with images, emojis, sub-titles
💻Use formatting tools to organize information in a clear matter

That's it! ~

☺️ We strive to create a community of passionate beauty lovers and encourage everyone to create high quality content - & it's not as hard as you think!
💕 Hope this content guide can help you make your first post or inspire you to better your existing content. We can't wait to see what you create.


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