Mixed Feelings ( Klairs UV Essence )

I had mixed feelings with this sunscreen from klairs. It is very lightweight on the skin and does seem to absorb into the skin very nicely. The only issue I have is that after a period of time it starts to sort of form these particles on your face. Almost like when you use a gommage peel. It honestly is pretty hard to describe but I’m doing my best lol. My recommendation for this problem would be to use as little as possible ( don’t over apply) and also wear this product by itself ( don’t wear under makeup ). The first time I used this sunscreen I applied a layer of foundation over my skin and ultimately ended up washing it off because it wouldn’t lay correctly on my skin. Especially considering all the blending it ends up forming those particles i was talking about. This sunscreen contains SPF 50, zinc dioxide, titanium dioxide, and guaiazulene ( which helps calm skin ). So I mean it is pretty good along the lines of sun protection. It states that it has a semi-matte finish but in my opinion my skin looked more glossy than matte. I have combination skin and it says that it is recommended for combination and oily skin. Personally I found this sunscreen to be a bit on the oily side but that is my personal experience it might work differently for others. I’m not trying to come off like I’m bashing this product that surely is not my intention. I just wanted to provide my honest feedback. I hope it helps ❤️

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