Mission Complete Mild Scrub

The Blue packaging reminds me of beach. It looks so calming and soothing that i feel instantly connected to it.

The scrub is really mild and does the work perfectly.

My skin has blackheads and white head. It also has few zits which i want to remove desperately.

When I used this product I had little expectations from it because I am into walnut scrubs and hard exfloiants which is by the way is very bad for skin.

This is a very mild and gentle scrub which removed dry skin and also was effective on my blackheads and whiteheads. Its has very small beads which removes most of the gunk from the skin.

I apply and massage it into my skin for 5 mins and then I wash it off with warm water.

It didn't dry out my skin infact I could see a natural glow on my skin. I would say more of a clean glow.

Highly recommend this product. Do invest in this and give it try.

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