CBD Serum Saves my Skin... again!!

Jordan here with another Skincare video: Today I am using the CBD Youth Serum by Mender 
🍃Here is another awesome CBD serum on the market by Mender!
🌞This serum is rich in antioxidants that aid in repairing and rejuvenating your skin by reversing signs of aging including sunspots and fine lines.
💦The serum penetrates deep into the skin to not only leave you hydrated but help produce more collagen to leave your skin looking youthful, supple, and nourished.
🌹And the smell is pretty great too!
If you wanna give this product a try click that "I wanna try" button and let me know in the comments your secrets to youthful skin!
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  • User dummy

    Interested in trying

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    Tia kitchens

    I lobe cbd! For winter I amp up my moisturizer

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    Ashley Hunt

    I absolutely love CBD products, and am so glad they finally saw the benefits of CBD!

  • User dummy

    I adjust it by adding more moisturizing products into my skincare. I usually don't have moisturizing and hydrating in the summer b/c of the humidity.

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    Sara James

    Great informative video! I have an oily t-zone so I cut out the serums in the summer and gradually add them back in when cooler weather comes.

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    SPF is so important! During the winter I use a serum at night to keep my skin hydrated.

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    Yenifer Schalk

    love it! During the winter I like to use a dry skin face wash instead of an oily face wash.

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    One can use all the YOUTH they can get! Lol

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