Melt'n NYX Lipli lip lingerie, with Byroe

Hey everyone! Nicole back with another 1. This is more like a part 2 for my previous video where I showed the NYX lingerie lip gloss, which was a total disappointment. Now I am showing you how I will be taking that crap off using Byroe rice cleansing sorbet. Enjoy!

About the product: This product is the makeup Melter of the year in my book! Non greasy. This product just makes sence.

packaging: my sample from prismpop came in a nice 6.5 ml glass jar that I think is classy af

Application: so easy. Rub on effected areas and just wipe it off. That's it.

Price: $75 for the big jar. Worth it in my opinion

Thank you so much for viewing! Show the love and I'll show it back! See ya next time

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  • sally peabody

    Very good video ! I have the rice cleanser too. It does work but too pricey you are correct. I am surprised that the oily feeling did not bother you but after putting those lips through the Sahara Desert trek they needed this. Great review and thank you.

  • Wade

    It looks like it works! Great review

  • Samantha

    I have been enjoying my sample of this as well.great review

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