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Melt Makeup Gemini Palette - 3 Looks, 1 Palette

Hey, guys! I've been obsessing over this Melt Makeup eyeshadow palette called Gemini.
When you're looking at a new palette, it can be hard to find what color stories work best for the look you're trying to achieve.
That's why I created this color matching tutorial to show you what shades I would use to create 3 distinctly different looks with one single palette.

Look #1: Warm Halo Glow ("Halo-eyeshadow"  technique)) 
Shades Used: Luna, Loralei, Polka Dot, Cupcake, Gemini
1. Lightly sweep Luna all over lid & brow bone. 
2. Brush Loralei into crease with fluffy  blending brush. Brush onto lower lash line with the same brush. 
3. Blend Polka Dot in the crease, around the shape of the eyeball with a tapered blending brush. Place on the inner corner of eyelid and on the outer corner of the eyelid stroking upward along crease (leaving the center of your eyelid alone. This creates the “halo” effect.) Blend Polk Dot along the lower lash line. 
4. Pat Cupcake on the inside of the lid and on the outside of the lid with a more defined tapered blending brush. Blend upward along the crease, keeping the color on the lid as much as possible. (This is for more “halo” definition.) Also blend Cupcake along the lower lash line with that same brush. 
5. Gently pat Gemini on the center or your lid with your middle finger (in the center of the halo, to catch light.)

Look #2: Rich Rose Gold (Light - Dark Smokey Eyes)
Shades Used: Luna, Polka Dot, Cupcake, Bonnie, Gemini
1. Place Luna on all over lid and brow bone. 
2. Blend Polka Dot & Cupcake in crease with a fluffy blending brush. 
3. Blend Bonnie on the outer “V” with a tapered blending brush. 
4. With a small brush, place Gemini on the inner corner of eyes. 
5. Using your finger or fluffy packing brush, dab a little bit of Gemini on the lid. 

Look #3: Green Energy Glow (Green & Bold)
Shades Used: Luna, Mochi, Fire OG, Leo, Goalz
1. Sweep Luna all over lid and brow bone with a blending brush. 
2. Blend Mochi into the crease with a tapered blending brush. 
3. Press Fire OG on the lid with an eyeshadow shader brush.
4. Blend Fire OG on the lower lash line with a small, detailed tapered blending brush. 
5. Pack Goals onto the inner area and center of the lid with an eyeshadow shader brush. 
6. Pack & blend Leo on the outer corner of the eye with a tapered blending brush.

This is just the beginning! What color combination would you use on this palette? Or, how do you choose your own shades on any other eyeshadow palette?
Let me know in the comments what you like best!

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