Melanie Mills Tester Bag! Swatch & Review

I was very happy and thankful to Prismpop for allowing me to test these Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Samples!
Apology in advance for a newb video. 
So I received the following 6 different shades: 
Bronze Gold: I found it to be the darkest one for me. I had even applied it to my eyelashes unfortunately, my skin tone is probably similar to this color in the summer and so it doesn't show properly in pictures. But what I liked about the shade is that it complimented my skin tone and this looks completely natural. 
Deep Gold: I found this to be the second darkest shade on my skin, after bronze gold. Using a very small amount can be great for sort of contouring in my opinion. I attached an image with this one, but it very slightly shows in pictures. 
Disco Gold: This was sort of like a tan shade. I'd say that it would fit my skin tone, especially when I tried it on the outside of my arm, you won't see a much of a difference in dim light. 
Opalescence: This shade is gorgeous just like white opal. Just like white opal, it has white obviously but within the white shade, it also has pink/orangeish shimmer that can be seen. 
Peach Deluxe: This is like peach shade. It complimented my skin tone because it isn't too dark but it's still pigmented. I like that this color alongside the bronze-gold can be worn on my eyes every day, casually. 
Rose Gold: This is another pretty shade. On my skin, it gave a stronger shade of gold and a slight tinge of rose. 
All these shades have an amazing scent to them and were very highly pigmented. They are all also very shimmery. Just make sure to use very little because a little goes a long way. They also have a creamy texture that feels very soft on my skin.

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  • Myshell

    Follow me on YouTube so I can follow you back

  • Myshell

    Really cool video !! That was probably a little tricky to do only having 2 hands .

  • Jaqi Jones

    Really cute video Melatonin, good job, if you are on you tube let me know, so I can follow you , my IG is stella99x 😉

  • Rose Katz

    🌹This is a great swatch video. I love all the colors and how bronze they look. Rose Gold is definitely my favorite. Thanks for the great review! 🌹

  • Tonya Smith

    Such beautiful shimmery colors. Thank you for the video.

  • Barbie Steele

    Great and informative review. Those colors are just the extra pop I need to stand out.

  • Robin Bell

    I keep seeing everybody reviewing these and I am so jealous I have got to pick some up

  • Kelly K

    Great video! You always do great reviews! I love these products. I didn't think I was getting a bag so I ordered one then 5 hours later got an email saying I was selected. My daughter is happy because now she gets her own set lol!

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    So wanted to try these products!!

  • Corissa Reviews

    You did a fine job! Think your video is better than the one I posted. Lol. I'm not very good with the tech yet! These colors are so nice and I can't wait to play with mine.

  • sally peabody

    Very nice Naf ! I truly enjoyed this because I can get a true look at the colors and they are beautiful. I like that disco gold and I had not seen it look the way it did on you. The swatches are done perfectly. Great video along with your word perfect descriptions. You offered good advice this really was an excellent presentation. Thank you !!


    Naf, you did an amazing newb video! You can see everything perfectly. I love that Peach Deluxe on you! And the Disco Gold.

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