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Melanie☆Mills Hollywood GLEAM Body Radiance Summer's Shimmer Source!

I just received my Meanie☆Mills Hollywood tester bag and was so excited! I couldn't WAIT to start playing with it! So pretty! It's 6 little pots of shimmery goodness in a cute little mesh bag. We have - Opalescence,  a light white opally shimmer, very subtle. Then there's Disco Gold, also subtle, a light gold shimmer. Peach Deluxe is a peachy gold, also a light color, Rose Gold, a very pretty gold color, a little darker than the peach, followed by Bronze Gold,  which is much darker, and shows its color well on the skin and finally Deep Gold, the darkest color and one of the prettiest! 
I created several looks while I was playing around, and used the products in several ways. It says "Body Radiance" but I used it mostly on my face.
The colors are versatile, you can put them on thick where you can really see the colors or rub them in for a more opaque shimmer. Some show better than others but the shimmer/glitter/sparkle effect lasts for a good long time! I was still finding sparkles on me even after my shower!  I used all the colors, plus my own purple eyeshadow to create the looks you see. I used it as eyeshadow, cheek color, highlighter, and yes, even lip gloss! Yesterday I rubbed some of the Rose Gold on my collar bones as I was wearing an off the shoulder shirt. The sunlight brought out the shimmer and it was really quite a lovely effect! I sure wish I'd gotten a picture of it! 
The packaging is super cute, I don't know how it comes when you purchase it but these samples come in adorable little pots. 
It doesn't have much of a smell, to not at all unpleasant, mostly just smells like "makeup". Lol.
One caveat: if you use it for eyeshadow be very careful not to get it *IN* your eye. It's quite sting-y and an hour later my eye was still watering. Might be better to only use it above the lid and below the still leaves plenty of uses, it makes an awesome highlighter and even if you put makeup OVER it, you can still see the shimmer!
All in all, this is a really fun product. It has so many ways to use, I'm sure you beautiful people will think of more ways than I did. Will I use it every day? Probably not. But it will be perfect for so many things, especially if I ever want to really glam it up! It doesn't rub off on your clothes and it seems to stay where you put it. The only downside is the eye irritation, which you may or may not have an issue with. I've enjoyed playing with the Body Gleam Radiance very much, and will continue to til I use it up! If you like what you've seen here and you want to try, please click the buttons! And for those of you waiting for yours, I can't wait to see your looks! ♡ muah!

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  • Corissa Reviews

    Loving these shades on you! So pretty! And just an FYI... You are one of the beautiful people!!! 💋

  • Shanna Rios

    Love the pics, love the review except the part where you said "I'm sure beautiful people will think of more ways than I did", you're beautiful, don't think or say that about yourself. After reading your review and seeing your pics, I can't wait to try mine, just got it in the mail.

  • Tracey79

    Nice post! These highlighters look amazingly creamy and shimmery!

  • Sindra ~

    They look to be awsom products..

  • Marilyn Wagner

    This is stellar!!! I absolutely love your close ups to really see the amazing details!! And the variety can be endless with these, I love that it's body so you can use it for literally anything!!! Thanks for posting 💜💜💜

  • Katie

    Love this! The look you created is so pretty!!!

  • Kelly K

    Congrats!!! I really hope I get lucky enough to get one of these. They are so pretty and I could do so much with it! Thanks for awesome review!

  • Bonita kasee

    Thanks for sharing, great review, I would love to play around with these colors, my favs!

  • Fountains Kelly

    These look like so much fun! You did great at displaying them! Thanks for sharing!

  • Erin Taranto

    Great, honest review❤👍

  • Marlena Fannin

    Congrats Patricia! I am so glad you liked the shimmer makeup. You did a great review and it will definitely be a help to several to know not to get it in your eyes. I look forward to checking this out myself. It would be so much fun.

  • Nicole Robinson

    Congratulations!🎉 I would love to get my hands on these especially the rose gold, it’s so pretty! They are all so pretty but that’s my favorite 😍enjoy💕

  • Sabrina

    Congrats!! That's good to know you can do see the shimmer info makeup. And yeesh! I would probably get it in my eyes, lol! Excellent, informative review. 💜

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