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Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Sampler Set

So I luckily got to try the Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Face & Body Radiance Sexy Sampler set through Prism Pop. 


So most of these colors didn't work so well with my skintone, sadly. Except for Opalescence which is a pearly/iridescent white with a bit of a pinkish tone. That looked lovely and literally did melt into my skin, making it ultra blendable. I've never really used highlighter too often so I used this as a primer under my foundation which added a nice shimmery glow without feeling super heavy. I did try it as a highlighter and it acutally looked decent, to my surprise. Not something I'd use daily, but for certain looks or events,  I will definitely use it to add a little extra dimension to my look. 

The other 2 colors that I would experiment with (possibly as eye shadows) would be Peach Deluxe - a pretty peach with a light gold tone & Disco Gold - a shimmery light gold. 

Rose Gold is a pretty rosy/pink gold.  Bronze Gold is literally bronze shimmery gold & Deep Gold is a deeeeep copper gold and would be gorgeous on darker skintones than mine. 

Overall, the product definitely blends in amazingly, feels light and nice and added just that little something extra to the dimension of my day to day look or for an evening look. Not something I'd use every single day but def a new addition to my makeup collection for specific looks! 

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