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Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Highlighters 🌟

Hi everyone! 
Today I want to talk to you and review the Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Highlighters🌟I was very excited to receive these 6 cute little pots in the mail to try and share with you! But, first things first, let's talk about the shades! These highlighters come in a wide range of shades, so there is something for EVERY skin tone! 
1.)Opalescent: This one is more of a white shade. This one was honestly my least favorite shade out of all of them.  when applying this to my skin, this shade would just kind of disappear and you couldn't really tell that I had put anything on at all.
2.)Rose Gold: This is a very pretty rose gold shade and would look good on any skin tone! Especially medium skin tones! 
3.)Bronze Gold: Is literally bronze! Wasn't my favorite shade though. Just an odd color for me. 
4.)Deep Gold: Is such a beautiful dark shade. I don't see myself wearing this very often, because it is dark for me. I could use it as an eyeshadow instead of highlighter. But if you have darker skin, this will be so so beautiful on you as a highlighter. 
5.)Disco Gold: I don't really know how to explain this shade. I found it to be an unusual color. 
6.)Peach Deluxe: This shade is such a beautiful peachy highlight! This shade was my FAVORITE out of all of them! This would look beautiful on anybody. 
1.) You can use these for your face and body!! (But I only tried these out on my face).
2.) This product is an all in one makeup, moisturizer and highlighter. (I wouldn't really call this product a moisturizer, but it makes for good makeup and highlighter!)
3.) NO flashback!! (I found this to be very true! I took several photos and got no flashback at all.)
These do apply very wet! And I tried applying with both a brush and fingers. Using my fingers was much easier than using the brush. My only issue with applying this product is that it didn't like to go on evenly, so I had to blend a lot longer than usual. Also, these highlighters are more subtle, so if you want a more bold look you will need to apply a couple of layers. 
💁🏻‍♀️My Look:

I was very happy with the way my look turned out! Besides my foundation, I used ONLY these highlighters to get this look. And I made sure to use EVERY shade! 
👩🏻‍🎨Get the look:
1.) I started off with putting the shade Deep Bronze in my crease. 
2.) then I put the shade Rose Gold all over my eyelids.
3.) I used the shade Opalescent to highlight my inner corner and brow bone. 
4.) After my eyes were finished I used the shade Peachy Deluxe to highlight my entire face.
5.) I put the shade Bronze Gold all over my lips.
6.) And finally, I used the shade Disco Ball on the center of my lips. 
And that was how I created that entire look!!🌟 
My Final Thoughts:
Overall, I thought these highlighters were pretty good! I love that they are subtle and not to over the top. I love the pigmentation on the darker shades, and how these are all so versatile! So even though I won't be using a lot of these as highlighters, they will still make great shadows in my collection. My only downfall is that they apply unevenly.

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  • Micheala

    This is a really good review. I would like to try this. Thank you for the information

  • Brooke Wallace

    My favorite way to add a bold pop of color is with a fun lipstick. I also like yo highlight my cheeks with a coppery shimmer. Gleam Face products seem like a great way to accent your cheeks and lips. Thank you for sharing this information, it looks like a great multi purpose product.

  • Cheryl Drouin

    Good information! I'll wear something like this today!

  • cris

    These are cute! I would really try the opalescent on my Cupid’s bow after other makeup is applied just to add a pop!

  • Destinee

    Great swatches, the look on your eyes flatter your eye color! I like that your instructions are simple to follow ❤️🧡

  • Drea Rahming

    Thanks for such a detailed overview of the highlighters I too like to multi use a product and like you would most.likely use as eyeshadow

  • natosha miller

    I love your honesty with the sample set of Melaine Mills Highlighters. They do look like an awesome range of shades. I do agree, by the look of each color in those pots, a dab on the finger would help apply it the best. By your helpful example of the colors, I can see that they do look like they don't spread quite easily as you mentioned. So there may be areas where the color doesn't spread evenly and would take a bit of time to perfect it. The deeper pigments, I do agree they would make a perfect eyeshadow. It is pretty awesome that you can use these for so many different styles, pretty much takes care of your face makeup and even body. ☺ The thing I do really enjoy about your review is that it really is helpful to know the truth about the product and its downfalls. Since I wouldn't think of those aspects and you pointed them out clearly to give me a chance to rethink if this is a great product to use. Thank you so much for that truthfulness. Additionally, I love how you used each color. I do like the rose gold, it looks quite nice as well as the peach deluxe. I do wonder about the Opalescent if it would give just a glimmer and glow effect without color added since it disappears on the face? However, this set looks quite nice and fun to use in all different ways. ☺♥ Thank you for sharing.

  • Bonita kasee

    Love these colors, most of all I love that each one has many different uses, that's just awsome I think, cuts down on having alot of shades

  • Sabrina

    I love that you used all the products on these two looks! The highlighter is my favorite. My favorite pop of color is eyeshadow (and lipstick!) And my favorite place to see highlighter on others is cheeks. Im not quite skilled enough to pull it off, lol! 💜

  • Elissa Blackburn

    Such pretty colors and love the natural look. I like to add a pop of color by adding a vibrant lipstick or blush. I love applying bronzer/highlighter to my cheek bones and down nose and above lip to give me a bright and fresh face.

  • Dondoka

    Love those colors!The deep gold is gorgeous and I love that the colors are not overpowering you can really play with other colors with it!

  • katherine wu

    I love the natural look these products created and all the detail in your review! My favorite places to highlight are my cheekbones; highlighting them definitely makes me stand out!

  • Susan Cain

    What an in-depth and thorough review Melanie🥇 For me there's nothing better than applying a body highlighter to sunkissed skin in the summer. I love how just a small amount of highlighter applied to certain places gives an extra added glow on my shoulders, collarbone and chest🌞💐😊

  • Cory Eades

    These are dreamy. Love your swatches. My favorite spot to highlight is the very tops of my cheek bones going up the temples to the sides of the forehead. It makes my features stand out...not changing the way I look "Shape Shifting," to am definitely gonna get this product.

  • sandra evans

    I love natural looks so this would be perfect for me, just a little shimmer goes a long way to perk up pretty skin. Rose gold shimmer or the peachy deluxe would rock any fair skinned gal to perfeciton

  • Erin Bailey

    I like the semi-sheer finish of these highlighters and I love how you used the products in a variety of ways. My go to highlighter is Flower Glow Getter Liquid Illuminizer. I like to blend it with my foundation and a.m. moisturizer to get a sheer, natural glow. While I love highlighting, my favorite way to add some a pop of color to my cosmetic routine is via my eyeshadow. I use all different shades of palettes, but I always find myself returning to the smoky eyes shades.

  • Cristy

    Love this look Katie, I appreciate the quality of the pigment & how they smoothly apply and look lux as well. My current highlighter I use is a kit by bare minerals called the Invisible Sun Duo, reasons I like this kit is it's quite portable, is has the bare minerals quality and gives me the opalescence kind of sun kissed look with just a few brush swipes.

  • Hallie

    I would definitely use these on my eyes. I think that bronze looks great on your lips. I might put some on my collarbones if I were wearing a top that allowed for it.

  • Mary

    Pops of color on my eyes works best for me. I usually like to highlight my cheeks

  • MICHELLE weaver

    I love adding a pop of color to my eyes and my fave place to highlight is my cheekbones.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I love adding a pop of color to my eyes and lips but for some reason I absolutely never ever want them to match completely lol, I mean it could be the same color but I make sure it's a completely different shade on each.

  • Tia kitchens

    These colors are really pretty! Highlighter and pops of color can be used so many different ways. I love using a pop of color in the inner eye corner, after applying my lip color I love to dab just a tiny bit in the center of the lips and top with a gloss. Highlighter on the highest point of my cheek and in the summer time when you hit the beach don’t forget a little highlighter on your collarbone 🥰

  • Queenie Freebie

    I love adding a bold pop of color through the lips or eyes (majority of the time, the lips) I love going for deep plums, bright and bold reds and a mix of others like black/blues or silver and gold. My eyes stay neutral a lot of the time but when I want to do new looks I go for yellows and bright colors I tend to not use so much. I've recently figured out how to correctly highlight my nose and have been loving it. But my favorite would have to be between my cupids bow or cheekbones. If I'm doing a natural look or something with a a bold lip I tend to go heavy on highlight in the corner of the eyes.

  • michele

    Rose gold mixed in with brown eyeshadow Peach gold on cheek bone

  • Kristine

    Nice. I live to add a pop of color to my inner corner.

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