*Maybelline FIT me, fits me perfectly!


Hey everyone! Nicole back at it with another sweet lil review video for y'all, today its all about the Maybelline FIT me! Foundation. This is some good &#$@ 

👀About the product: OK so the foundation shade that I used is the 112- CLASSIC IVORY FIT me! Foundation. Keep in mind they have 24 shades pretty much guaranteeing you your perfect fit/ match.

🎁 About the package: FIT me! Foundation comes in a glass 1fl oz 30ml tall sleek glass container with a screw off cap. Easy to miss in my makeup bag fr.

📝APPLICATION: get your favorite brush or in my case my Juno & CO sponge, and apply that silky goodness gently to the face. And BAM!! Beautiful!

💵MONEY TALK: You will NOT break the bank here. Only $ 8.00 for a damn near flawless look. 

💭🤓 FINAL THOUGHT: I think everyone should at least give it a try! It's cheap but it's pure gold anyways! I think I look beautiful and I know you would think so too if you tried it.

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