Been awhile since I’ve raved about masks, so let’s talk about my holy grail clay mask! Being a maskaholic, I have no doubt tried and tested a huge variety and I got to say that Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask is one of the most gentle I’ve ever tried, yet still effective.
A couple of months ago, lucky me got to lay hands on the limited-edition packaging, designed in collaboration with Umbria-based Rometti Ceramics. Not many of you may know that Fresh’s Umbrian White Clay hails from the sleepy town of Nocera Umbra, Italy.

FRESH Umbrian Clay Mask
🇮🇹Bet you didn’t know about this little Italian beauty secret of the Umbrian women, who used clay from their earth for everything ranging from heal cuts, bites, and burns to soothe diaper rash for centuries. In fact, some inhabitants even drink it in the hopes of treating ulcers and hemorrhoids!

Fresh co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg created their now best-selling Umbrian Purifying Clay Mask after witnessing the transformative powers of this clay on a friend who was suffering from acne, and even extended it to an entire skincare collection! I’m actually aiming for the 100% Umbrian Clay Purifying Bar next to clarify and treat from head to toe~

For 17 years, this skincare favourite has retained its cult status for its multi-tasking, clarifying properties which contains the magic ingredient for normal to oily skin: Umbrian white clay. It is known to significantly reduces the appearance of pores and purifies the skin without stripping essential moisture, revealing a balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

The packaging used to be in a tube version (which I very much prefer for hygiene purpose) but has since changed to a cute little tub, probably to minimize wastage. The mask also consists of other ingredients such as sandalwood oil to minimize the appearance of pores and calm the skin, chamomile flower and lavender water for its soothing properties.

⭐Apply this purifying mask all over your face for 3-5 mins, use it as an overnight spot treatment or even daily as a cleanser on really bad acne days… Options aplenty, but never once dried up my skin or agitate the breakouts.

⭐Though not advisable, I tend to leave it slightly longer even when using it as a mask, yet not once did Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask dry out my skin. I also find it super satisfying whenever my problematic spot is “identified” and turned white, making feel assured that it is indeed doing its job to purify my skin! 

All in all, you’re seriously missing out if you’ve yet to try this, and once you do, I doubt you’ll be on the hunt for a clay mask anytime soon~ x

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