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Mascara Is My Medieval Chain Mail

MAC’s new Extended Play Perm Me Up Lash, and if you’re feeling some strong de ja vu then shout out to you, MAC-aholic, because this blacker than black mascara is very similar to the original MAC Extended Play Mascara. 
⭐It has the same glossy finish and the same power to fatten up your lashes without them looking totally lumpy and ridiculous. 
⭐This new version also has the added ability to anchor a crimp from a lash curler, and it’s humidity- and  sweat- resistant (to remove the it, you use warm water).

💦Yesterday I sweated like a MOFO at the gym for an hour with two layers of this mascara on my upper lashes, and when I got home and looked in the mirror, I saw nary a smudge on my lower lash lines (no flakes, either).
👍I highly recommend this product! Makeup is powerful and today I realized how great it makes me feel about myself. 
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